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Xerek Files: Entry Number Fourteen – [Gene Transfusion]

Science is a very important and powerful tool that humanity uses to help explain the physical, material world around them.  It allows for the deeper understanding of how the world works.  And it is a tool that is divided into many different components and parts.  One such component is with medicine.  With current advancements of medical science, it allows for the use of gene therapy to treat certain genetic diseases and disorders.  Essentially, what gene therapy does is to use DNA as a pharmaceutical agent to treat a particular disease or condition.

With the existence of such a medical treatment as gene therapy, it has led some individuals to think that such a tool can be used to treat more than just disease.  With the existence of extraordinary traits and abilities, some have come to the conclusion, and hold on to the idea, that such traits and abilities can be implanted between individuals by using gene therapy.  And for those that are fascinated with extraordinary traits and abilities, and have a deep seeded desire to possess them, such an idea is very tantalizing.  Who hasn’t, at least one point in their lives, wished to have possessed a trait or characteristic that made them special, escape the monotony of their everyday lives, or have been able to do something in the height of an emotional experience?  And there are some individuals who desire to possess any kind of incarnation of an extraordinary trait or ability, even if what they receive is a weaker form of the original trait or ability or the extraordinary trait or ability is possessed for a short period of time.  With such a transference of extraordinary traits and abilities, it would constitute as wish fulfillment on the part of that particular individual.

Such a concept of gene transfusion between such individuals in such a manner would imply being able to fundamentally change a person’s genetic makeup.  Like Captain America after taking the super soldier serum, the recipient of such a treatment would no longer be the person that they were before the transfusion.  Who we are, initially, is laid out by the genes and genetic combinations that we receive from our parents.  But with the person who receives this gene transfusion, even if their essential personality remains the same accompanied by retaining the same perspective of the world and the same personal values and moral code, their fundamental nature will still be changed because their genetic code would no longer be what it was when they were conceived.  And if such a gene transfusion was able to be performed, a moral debate would arise because of it.

But despite this desire by some people to possess extraordinary traits and abilities, it is inevitably an implausible desire and concept that cannot be achieved.  The only known way to try and deliberately give another human being extraordinary traits and abilities through the use of science is through means of artificial insemination.  The only way to influence the course of genetics is to layout its course before hand before the genes become activated through embryonic development.  However, this is the only known way of approaching the subject at the time being because it is the only feasibly probable way of achieving it.  Any person who says otherwise is either a charlatan or performed the “experiment” on someone who already possessed extraordinary traits and abilities but didn’t know it.

But with future scientific developments, it can be hypothetically possible for such an idea of gene transfusion to occur, or at least be attempted through scientific trials.  But since clairvoyance doesn’t exist, and the fact that the future isn’t set, it can’t be said for certain one way or another on this matter.  The only thing that can be said for certain at the moment is that such a concept of gene transfusion or the transfer of extraordinary traits and abilities from one person to another is an impossibility.

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