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A Pedestrians Right of Way

I was walking to the market today and I came across an asshole who could have done grievous harm to me. I didn’t do anything wrong and I stayed within the boundaries that society has established. I was waiting at the corner for the light to change so that I would be able to cross the street in safety. Once it changed, I started to cross the road. However, as I was beginning to cross, the driver on the other side of the street was given the green light to go so that he could make a left turn, and he would have turned right into me if the situation wasn’t what it was. I saw him coming and he had to have seen me, but he gave no indication that he was going to stop, slow down, or yield in any possible way. He could have made his turn alright without hitting me, but my problem was that I had the right of way and his act of not slowing down and continuing along his path could have put my life and physical well being into danger. He wouldn’t have even slowed down if I didn’t have done something to make him comply with the fact that I had the right of way. That’s how I knew he had to have seen me. I swung my arms and sped up my pace, but this asshole did not stop. He just continued to drive as if he owned the road, that I had no fucking rights at all, and that my presence there was nothing more than a minor inconvenience. My safety and wellbeing was of no concern to him. I could have continued to increase by pace and forced him to stop, but in the end, I didn’t, though I wish I did. As he continued to drive, cutting me off in the process, he did so slowly and forced me to stop. As he did this, he looked at me and gave me a look that said “What the hell?” as if he was in the right and I was in the wrong. And I gave him the exact same look in return because I was in fact in the right and his action put me in imamate physical danger. And even after he passed, he continued to drive at the slower pace, as if he was still watching me and giving me a dirty look. After this fuckup passed, I continued to cross the street, but as I did, I flicked him off to give him a physical gesture of what I thought of him. Thinking back on it, I should have called the cops on him, but it’s too late now and there’s nothing I can do about it to punish this piece of shit. But by putting this down, at least I feel a little better and help prevent the anger from continuing to build up inside of me. I just wonder what this fuckup would have done if I was crossing the street on my bike instead of on foot. I also wonder if he would have stopped or if he would have just run me over.

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