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Xerek Files: Entry Number Nine – [Origin Myth: Nuclear Age]

With the detonation of the first nuclear bomb at the Jornada del Muerto desert in New Mexico by the United States Army, codenamed “Trinity,” it was a watershed moment in human history for it initiated the Nuclear Age.  And with the use of “Little Boy” and “Fat Man,” the only warheads to ever be used in anger and with devastating effects, the world became forever changed.  From here, according to some claims, it also had a direct and immediate effect upon the essential makeup of humanity.

Proponents of this claim hold to the idea that, with the beginning of the Nuclear Age, it brought about the creation and proliferation of individuals with extraordinary traits and abilities.  This idea came out of the misunderstanding by the general public at the time surrounding the nature of the newly introduced field of nuclear physics accompanied by their misunderstanding of genetics.  This came at the time when those with extraordinary traits and abilities began to gain prominence within the public eye as being their own distinct group within humanity instead of just being characters from myths, legends, and fairytales.  As a result, it led some to apply cum hoc ergo propter hoc to the situation.  Essentially, they believed that, with the creation and detonation of nuclear bombs, it led to the creation of those with extraordinary traits and abilities.

From their perspective, the detonation of “Trinity” on July 16, 1945, and every nuclear detonation ever since, caused irreversible radiological effects upon the human genome that led to the creation of extraordinary traits and abilities.  Accompanying this claim is that this radiological effect affected every single living human being around the world simultaneously, fundamentally changing their DNA forever.  There is another claim, which is very closely related to this one, which states that the radiological effects took time for it to propagate around the world and to fully effect humanities DNA sequence.  These proponents also claim that the use of nuclear power plants of any kind continues this fundamental change.  How the human genome became fundamentally altered or how it managed to propagate so quickly hasn’t been fully explained or otherwise flushed out when proponents are questioned about it.  And how nuclear power plants affect the human genome also isn’t explained or properly addressed.

But regardless of this fact, this misunderstanding led to the widespread fear of such individuals by the general public at the time, because for them, the unconscious fear of the Nuclear Age and a possible nuclear war with an ideological enemy coincided with the appearance of individuals with extraordinary traits and abilities.  As a result, it caused them to perceive those with extraordinary traits and abilities as threats to the safety and security of society, and thus, to their own safety and security, either directly or indirectly.  So, for these individuals, those with extraordinary traits and abilities must be stopped.  This sense of fear occurred during the time of the Cold War, where fears as a whole were being ratcheted up across not only the United States but the world as a whole.  Such ratcheting up of fears can be seen with such situations as the launching of Sputnik 1 on October 4, 1957 and the Cuban missile crisis which occurred during October of 1962.

But what proponents of this position fail to realize is that the origin of those with extraordinary traits and abilities and the beginning of the Nuclear Age are two distinct and separate events.  The origins of extraordinary traits and abilities rest in the genes of these individuals, something that took time to develop.  This process took hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of years to develop into what it is today.  The beginning of the Nuclear Age on the other hand, is a recent event that began within a single human lifetime.  And in regards to nuclear physics, it has essentially existed since the beginning of the universe and will last for its lifetime in whatever form it takes.

Nuclear physics may act as the foundation for the complexity that is life, but it doesn’t concern itself with the details of this continued operation.  Its fundamental concern is essentially independent from the creation and continued existence of life.  Given the fact that it actually produced life is just a lucky coincidence from our perspective and we, as living entities, are glad that life was created at all.  But from the universes perspective, it couldn’t care less and would have happily continued on its course if life never formed in the first place.  So on the grander scheme of things, nuclear physics doesn’t care one way or another in regards to the existence of extraordinary traits and abilities.  It’s like water flowing down a hillside; it doesn’t concern itself with how the hill was created in the first place, it just cares about reaching the lowest possible point.

In the end, the perception that extraordinary traits and abilities formed during the Nuclear Age is nothing more than a coincidental event.  The appearance and development of one doesn’t mean it led to the appearance and development of the other.  Independent events have the capability of occurring at roughly the same time.  But since humanity is, by nature, a pattern seeking creature, we have the tendency to see correlations and connections where none exist in the first place.  And if an individual does manage to make such a connection, they will find a way to justify their connection, even if it flies in the face of any type of logic system available.  As a result, they will have to develop their own logic system in order to justify their initial connection.

So in the end, the emergence of individuals with extraordinary traits and abilities on the world stage during the beginning of the Nuclear Age lends itself to the perception that they are somehow connected.  But if one looks at the evidence for these two factors, or simply applies pure logic to the situation, one would see that these two events are in no way related to each other.  They are just two events that just so happen to overlap with each other.  And since the initial seed for this perception formed within living memory, it’s not that hard to understand how it still persists in the modern era.

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