About the Author

My name is Bradley P. Thomas and it is my intention to become a professional writer.  To help achieve this goal, I will be using WordPress as a means of getting my work out to the public, allowing people to become exposed to my work.  From there, I hope to gather a large enough following as a means of demonstrating that there is enough people out there in the market who are interested in buying my stories to grab the attention of a major, reputable book publisher or respected book agent.  From there, I would like to see my stories go into traditional print or otherwise allow me to make a living off of what I enjoy doing, which is to tell stories through the printed word.

I’m a native of West L.A. and I currently live in the Culver City area.  I’ve earned Associate of Arts degrees in Liberal Arts and General Science from Santa Monica College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with minors in History and Natural Science from Loyola Marymount University.  Not being a fan of driving, I cycle to where I need to go and have used mass transit in the past to accomplish the same goal.  If you enjoy my work, please spread the word.  You can also follow me on Twitter at @IronClawEnt.


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