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Samael – Epilogue and Note


The war in which Samael led forever changed the face of Heaven.  Though they where outnumbered, Samael and his army had the determination needed to take on a much larger force as well as a drive that the defenders of Heaven lacked.  If the two armies were evenly split from each of the angelic orders, then the war would have been a fair fight.  But since the vast majority of the Powers were fighting on the side of Samael, the Rebels had a distinct advantage when they entered the battlefield.  And because of this discrepancy, the borders of Heaven became poorly defended.  This fact opened up the possibility of a two front war for Heaven because there were an insufficient number of defenders to ward off the encroachment of the large number of demonic hordes.

Though the information of the war was kept from the hordes for an extended period of time, it was inevitable that the demons would receive word of it and attack.  Once the hordes started their attack, the poorly maintained defenses fell quickly and havoc spread across the realm.  This was what Samael was hoping for because it would give him a better chance of obtaining victory over his enemy.

Like any civil war, Heaven became torn apart, covering the realm with blood.  Heroes and champions immerged on both sides of the conflict as the war progressed, giving a boost to morale of their respective sides and gave that army a rallying point to fall behind.

With Samael heading the army of the Rebellion, Heaven chose the archangel Michael to be its commander and lead the army of Defenders.  Upon hearing this fact, it only added fuel to Samael’s rage and determination.  His desire for vengeance only became stronger and led him to fight that much more vigorously.

But as the course of events played themselves out, it wasn’t until the end of the war that Samael and Michael confronted each other on the battlefield for the first, and only, time.  But once they met, the battle was fierce.  It lasted for almost fourteen days of continuous fighting.  As the battle progressed, neither angel faltered; both of them ignoring their injuries and focusing only upon his opponent.

As this personal conflict raged, Gabriel watched from a distance.  He took it upon himself to see that no other being got involved in the personal rivalry that was unfolding, regardless if they were Rebel or Defender.  To insure this fact, Gabriel blew his mighty horn as he circled the two bitter enemies.  Samael and Michael never even noticed.

When the battle was finally over, it was Michael who managed to gain the upper hand and came out victorious.  It remains unclear exactly how Michael managed to defeat Samael in the end, and the answer will always remain elusive.  But what is clear, however, is that by defeating Samael, Michael delivered the fatal blow to the Rebellion and ended the war.

Michael, in his silver armor and wielding his great sword, crippled Samael and caused him to fall into the Banished Realm.  As his punishment, Samael was shunned from the presence of God and banished from the realm of Heaven.  Even though the War itself continued for almost a year after Samael’s defeat, it essentially ended that day where Michael managed to defeat his rival.

When the war did eventually end, all of those who sided with Samael were cast out to join their leader within the Banished Realm, though some of them where imprisoned within Raquia.  When Heaven finished casting out the Rebels, along with the hordes of demonic beasts, it turned to those who claimed neutrality and proceeded to cast them into the Banished Realm as well.  The purging was relentless and only a few were spared this punishment.

The reasoning for this purge was that those who didn’t take sides lacked the faith, commitment, or dedication needed to preserve their home from future threats it faced.  When the Great Cleansing was done, one third of Heaven’s might was banished from the realm.  None of them will be allowed to return to Heaven for countless millennia.

Due to the actions in which the Seraphim and the other upper tier orders took against Heaven, their station has been suspended for an indefinite amount of time.  Even though the members of these orders who remained loyal to Heaven where stripped of their titles, they remained prominent figures within Heaven.  But the order that suffered the most due to this rebellion was the Powers.  Their numbers were severely depleted, preventing those who remained from performing their tasks and obligations effectively ever again.

And the most beautiful angel, the first among all of the celestial beings, who once resided within the presence of God, now resides in a world that is not his own.  Samael has now become the god and ruler of the Banished Realm along with all of its inhabitants, though it is a distinction in which he never desired.  Though the war has ended, Heaven has become a darker place, never able to return to its former glory or might.  Ominous clouds now exist in the furthest reaches of the realm, never to disappear.  They act as a constant reminder of how things used to be and of the potential danger that could come at any moment.  These clouds also act as a symbolic reminder of the threat in which Samael is still able to pose.  They act as the shadow of the angel who took action because his heart was broken.

The Note

Samael –

As you may be aware, the demons and other creatures of the Banished Lands are becoming restless and uneasy.  They are demonstrating behavior that we find disturbing.  With this in mind, we hereby notify you of our formal request.

Our request is simple; that you take the role of Viceroy of Banished Lands.  If you accept this station, you will hold this position until the End of Times.  Until then, you will have to remain in exile.  Upon completion of this task, you will be once again accepted into the presence of God.

Out of all those that exist in Heaven, we have determined that only you are strong enough to take on such a title and govern such a realm.  We have also determined that you are the only one in Heaven who is able to withstand and survive the ravages of such a hellish station.

This is why we have submitted our request for your consideration.  This request is purely voluntary and we will not question your decision if you decide not to uptake our offer.  Please notify us at your earliest convenience.

– The Governing Counsel of Angelic Affairs

Dear Counsel Members –

After great deliberation, and with a heavy heart, I have decided to accept the position which you have described in your previous letter.  All that I ask before taking this new station is for you to allow me to put my affairs in order.

– Samael


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas

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Samael – Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13

Within the Valley of Valhalla stands a building known as the Hall of Valor.  It stands five stories tall with a base that is twice its height.  The Hall of Valor was constructed to honor those who died with glory when in combat.  This seems like a fitting and appropriate location to Samael for a staging area to assemble his troops.  The angelic orders that are standing closes to the Hall are the Powers and the Seraphim.  Over eighty percent of the Powers have sided with their commander, giving him their unwavering support.

Looking over the assembled army, you could see angels from every angelic order except for one; the Thrones.  It is the responsibility of the Thrones to ponder the significance of God’s laws as well as to pass judgement upon the guilty.  In order for them to do their tasks accurately and without bias, it is their nature to remain neutral.  It is for this reason why the Thrones never officially side with God or with Samael.  And it is because of their duties, and their need to remain objective, that allows them to go unpunished when the war comes to an end.

In preparation for combat, Samael dawns a breastplate that consists of pure gold.  This is the first time in which Samael has worn armor that he hasn’t mentally created for himself.  Due to the nature of the breastplate, it extrapolates Samael’s natural light.  This causes him to appear like a miniature sun, causing all those who look upon him to flinch and to partially cover their eyes.

With Samael’s forces gathered and ready for combat, it is time for him to address is followers.  Even though his army totals only about one-forth of the total population of Heaven, it is an impressive army to look upon with a good number of fighters filling the ranks.  In addition to a strong fighting force, the Rebels possess the good fortune of not having to fight the remaining inhabitance of Heaven.  Besides the Thrones, a significant number of inhabitance are claiming neutrality, preferring not to fight.  But much to their amazement, the majority of these noncombatants will be punished, regardless of who claims victory in the end.

Due to the Valley’s narrow nature, it forces all of those who have assembled to flow down the Valley in both directions, preventing them from congregating around the Hall of Valor.  From Samael’s perspective, the assembled army stretches down the Valley for a league in both directions.

The two mountain ranges that flank the Valley are opposite in nature, symbolizing what is going to occur when the war is over.  One mountain range is majestic with gently sloping sides and snow caped peaks.  The other mountain range, however, has craggy slopes and peaks that are steep and menacing, similar to that of a dragon’s back.  The Valley itself consists of rolling hills and volcanic outcroppings consisting of obsidian.  The rolling hills are covered with flowing acres of grass that shimmer in the wind whereas the outcroppings look like hungry teeth.

To address his army, Samael takes to the air.  He ascends high above the Hall in order for the majority of those in attendance to be able to see him.  Manipulating the topography, Samael manages to have his voice carry further than it would naturally go.  But despite his efforts, not all of those who are in attendance are able to see or hear him.  To assist Samael in his efforts, a number of other angels also take to the air at regular intervals so that Samael’s message can be heard by all of those in attendance.

When everything is ready and everyone in place, Samael begins to speak.  “Listen to me my brethren and listen well.  The time has come for us to take up arms and fight.  This fight, however, is not against any physical enemy or ideal.  It is against a system; a system in which we all have experienced and know so well.  But this system does not exist on Earth; nor does it exist in Forbidden Lands, the Banished Realm, or any realm of existence except for one.  And I am referring to our very home.  This system exists in Heaven and we are suffering because of it!

“We are living underneath a tyrannical fist, a fist that belongs to none other than our Lord; that of God almighty!”

The assembled army gives a vocalized response at this and Samael gives a pause for them to do so before continuing.  “As all of you are aware, I was in a relationship that has recently gone sour.  It turns out that the woman that I loved was engaging in a relationship with another.  When I went to seek justice, however, my request was denied!  God denied me what was rightfully mine.

“As the series of events were taking their course, I was confronted by my former love.  She claimed that she was seeking closure, but I would have none of it.  I was not ready for what she had to offer, but yet, she persisted.  She denied me peace, despite my request for it.  It was too much for me to take, so I took action; action that was fully within my rights to take.  But as I did, God deemed it necessary to take action against me.  I was unduly punished.

“And from what I can see, all of you agree with my assessment or have been wronged as well by the Hand of God and seek justice.  This tyrannical rule must end now!  It has subjugated us and actively does us harm.  For far too long, we have been punished and humiliated; actions that we do not disserve.  The time has arrived for us to show all of Existence that such treatment will no longer be endured.  It is time that we lay claim to what is rightfully ours.

“Remember this day my brethren, and remember it well, for this is the day that we took a stand and forever changed Existence!”

At this, Samael raises his sword into the air and all of those in attendance give a resounding cheer.

“It is time that we give them Hell!” Samael proclaims.

At this, Samael heads off to fight.  At his lead, all of those in attendance follow.  Those with wings take to the air and fall in behind Samael and his chief lieutenants.  The ground forces that are present take formation and head into combat under their respective banners and companies.  It is here that the Great War of Heaven begins.


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas


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Samael – Chapter Twelve

Chapter 12

Word spreads throughout Heaven about what has occurred in Samael’s apartment.  It has even spread into the realm of Forbidden Lands and has begun to penetrate the outer boundaries of the Banished Realm.  The only place where the incident will never gain entry is that of the Forgotten Domain, where the souls of the dead congregate who haven’t warranted the damnation of the Banished Realm but aren’t pure enough to enter Heaven.  The souls just meander about aimlessly without any purpose or memory.

The fallout of what occurred has caused a great upheaval in Heaven, causing its inhabitance to become divided.  As the days turn into weeks, the threat of war begins to mount and dark clouds begin to gather upon the horizons.  As the head of this storm is Samael.  Due to the events that have occurred against him, Samael has forsaken his responsibilities and shunned the oaths that he swore to uphold; the foremost among them being “To protect Heaven and its inhabitance from danger and threat” and to “Serve the Will of God.”

But God has betrayed him.

Samael was the one who was wronged, but he was the one who was punished in the end.  It was unfair and it was unjust, and a good number of angels agree.  Most of these angels belong to the order of Powers, followed closely by the Seraphim order.  But regardless of their order, and regardless if they are an angel or not, they all agree that appropriate action needs to be taken and that action needs to be taken now.

There is no time for hesitation and there is no room for error.  When people find themselves within a system that is, or has become, corrupt, then the time has come for them to rid themselves of that system and the chains that bind them.  It may even be necessary to destroy the previous system to prevent anyone else from getting hurt because of it.  For Samael and his supporters, this has become reality and they need to take action now.

Like any animal that has been trapped in a corner, Samael has been provoked and is forced to attack.  This course of action is beyond his control, regardless of how much pain such action will cause him.  He has been betrayed on multiple fronts without any possible way to escape.  He was first betrayed by the woman he held dear.  The second betrayal came when Gabriel betrayed him by helping Sara deceive him.  The third and fourth betrayals came when God, the creator of the universe and the barer of truth, failed to honor his side of the bargain by not allowing justice to be served and to allow the participants of an unholy union to go unpunished for their crime.

Samael was a good soldier.  He followed his orders through to the end without failure and without question.  Supported by his faith and in the belief that what he was doing was right, Samael did not hesitate in his actions.  Though he had his doubts, as any being with free will would have, he still followed through on his responsibilities and did not question the wisdom of his Superior.

But the person who Samael once was is now gone.  He was crushed into powder and his faith was destroyed.  Anger and bitterness have now become the dominant characteristics of this personality, replacing his faith and devotion.  But Samael’s dedication and lack of hesitation still remain strong.  Like any well trained soldier who is committed to his job, these traits will never go away.  But now, these traits flow in a different direction; a direction that may never be corrected, no matter how much time has passed.


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas

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Samael – Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11

For several days, Samael has separated himself from the rest of existence by locking himself away within his apartment.  He has barricaded all of his windows with sheets and boards to keep out the light and peering eyes and has placed a heavy dresser against the front door to prevent anyone from getting in.  As he intended, all of this prevented, or at least deterred, anyone from gaining access and Samael ignored those who would come and knock at the door.  Over the course of these past several days, Samael never left his apartment.  There were times when he was barely able to crawl out of bed; and when he did, he would just putter around the apartment with no apparent aim or purpose.

Due to the sheets covering the windows, barely any light is able to get into the apartment.  This causes the room to become gloomy and mutes the light that manages to slip through.  The natural light that manages to slip through unimpeded comes through the gaps found in-between the sheets where they fail to overlap as well as the occasional tare or hole that exists in the fabrics.  There are also a few lighted candles scattered throughout the apartment which have almost burnt themselves out.  The remaining light is being emitted from Samael himself, which is itself faint and muted.

Samael is currently laying facedown on his bed with his head buried in the pillow.  All four of his wings are splayed with the white-feathered wings resting upon the ground and the black-feathered wings remaining upon the bed and resting over his hips and they barely manage to remain on the bed.  Samael stirs, causing one of the black-feathered wings to slide off the bed and hit the ground.  Over the course of Samael’s self imposed exile, his wings have become ruffled and unkempt.

As he lies in bed, surrounded by darkness, Samael broods over his dissatisfaction that stems from the events of the past few days.  How could God allow one of his Commandments to be broken and have it go unpunished?  Even when his followers break a decree, let alone a Commandment, God takes action and punishes them.  So why not now?  Why not when two of his own angels break a Commandment?  Why has Samael been denied justice?  What has he done do be treated so?

This has been plaguing his mind for the past several days, allowing his anger to build and grow because of it.  And what hurts the most is that his love, Sara, is the cause of all this despair.  With everything that they’ve been through, how could she have done this to him?

Even though he has sealed himself off fairly well from the rest of the world, his fortress is not impregnable.  A dedicated individual would be able to find a way in, given enough time.  Eventually, some one does.

As Samael sulks in bed, a rustling sound can be heard emanating from the next room.  It sounds as if someone has managed to carefully open the window and is currently trying to loosen one of the planks so that they can get through.  As Samael hears this commotion, he manages to pull himself out of bed and goes to investigate.

One of Samael’s innate abilities is the ability to generate his own weapons and armor whenever necessary from pure force of will.  Utilizing this ability, Samael generates a golden colored sword that has an arcing blade to it.  As he makes his way to the other room, Samael sees a patch of light flash bright against the far wall.  Just as suddenly as it appears, the light vanishes into darkness.  Someone has managed to break into his apartment.  Once Samael steps into the other room, he spots the trespasser as he gets to his knees.  When the trespasser pulls himself up and has placed one foot flat of the ground to stand, Samael puts the tip of the sword under the trespasser’s chin.  This stops the trespasser dead in his tracks, leaving him kneeling before Samael.  As Samael stands over the intruder, he finally gets a clear look at the person’s face.  Much to his dismay, it is Sara.

“What are you doing here?” Samael asks coldly.

“I came here to see you,” Sara replies.

“You had your chance.  Why now?”

“I wasn’t able to face you before.  I didn’t know how.”

“How is now any different?”

Sara sighs.  Avoiding the question, she says “I just want to talk.  Is that possible?”

“What is there to talk about?”

“More than you think.”

Samael tilts his sword up so that the tip of it dips into Sara’s chin, causing her to rise to her feet.  “I want you out of here, now.”

“Not until I have my say.”

“You lost that right when you stabbed me in the back.  I have nothing else to say to you.”  With that said, the sword disappears and Samael begins to walk away.  He makes his way to the door so that he can move all the material and throw Sara out.  As he heads for the door to do this, Sara follows close behind.

“You might not have anything you would like to say to me,” Sara says, “but there is something I want to say to you.”

“Whatever you have to say, I don’t care to hear it.”

“You will listen to me you pretentious prick!”

Samael turns sharply on his heels and faces Sara.  As he turns, the sword reappears.  He moves the blade so that it comes to rest right next to Sara’s throat.  Sara stops where she is, her tongue silenced.

“You’re not so talkative now, are you Sara?” Samael says, with anger in his eyes.

“Samael,” Sara says hesitantly.  “I’m sorry.  I truly am.  I never meant to hurt you.  But what occurred between me and Michael, it just happened.  I should have handled it better and I shouldn’t have done it behind your back.  I love him.”

With those last three words, Samael snaps.  Hearing that the woman of his life, the woman that he loves, is in love with someone else is too much for him to take.  Clouds of anger overtake Samael, forcing his hand to act.  Seeing this, Sara scrambles backwards and trips.  This allows Samael to bring the sword of light back and away so that he can cut Sara in half.

But before Samael is able to complete the arc and finish his intended plan, a clap of thunder floods the room followed by a bolt of lightning.  The bolt of lightning comes blasting through the door, shattering it as it does, and strikes Samael directly in his hand.  Upon striking, Samael’s hand goes flying backwards and causes the sword to disappear.  Once stricken, Samael clutches his hand which has become racked with pain and has become charred and blackened.

“No,” Samael says stunned and shocked.  He then directs his attention outward and shouts “No!  This isn’t fair!”  He returns his attention back at Sara, who is cowering on the floor and tucked away into a corner.  After staring at her for a long moment, Samael storms out of his apartment with his injured hand clutched against his chest.


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas

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Samael – Chapter Ten

Chapter 10

Samael leaves the room in a rage.  First, he is given an assignment that would take him away from the world that he knows and the woman that he loves.  This is followed by the fact that the love of his life is engaged in a relationship with another man, playing him for a fool.  Adding to the deception, they send him into Forbidden Lands to chase ghosts.  All of this is topped off by the fact that when he goes looking for justice, it is denied.  He has lost face.  Sara has been cheating on him with Michael for an unknown length of time and God refuses to act once hearing the news of this fact.  He has been embarrassed and he has been degraded.

From this anger, Samael strikes one of the columns located outside of the room as he passes by.  This strike leaves a large depression within the column.  It is several inches deep and a number of cracks and fissures form because of it.  Due to the force delivered from Samael’s strike, these cracks spread from the column itself into the surrounding masonry.

Those who were in the immediate vicinity when Samael struck the column when over to investigate.  Once they see the damage and realize that it is spreading, they realize that something needs to be done.  Some of them run off to get some help while those who remain try and figure out how to stop the damage from spreading.  Samael is unconcerned with the damage that he caused to the column as he heads off to his apartment.  But as he heads down the corridor, he holds and massages his hand as he goes.


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas

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Samael – Chapter Nine

Chapter 9

Out of all the rooms that exist within the Palace, this one is unique.  It stands at about thirty feet by thirty feet.  With some carefully placed lighting, it gives the illusion that the room is larger in size than it actually is.  The only place that isn’t lit is the ceiling, which is concealed in flickering shadow.  Due to how the ceiling is constructed, these shadows cause the observer to perceive the ceiling as to continue on indefinitely.

Decorating the walls are a number of tapestries, each one depicting a different event in Earth’s history that bares special significance to God or to God’s followers.  Some of the images that are depicted spread over to two or more of the tapestries.  In addition to the tapestries, there are several statues scattered throughout the room.  Some are constructed out of marble where as others are constructed out of ivory.  One or two of them are constructed out of bronze.  These statues depict God’s true prophets as well as other important figures of the faith.  Most of the prophets that are depicted have already come and gone, but a few of them are from the present with the remaining statues representing prophets yet to come.  These statues act as nothing more than a reminder of who the heroes are and how one should live their life.

Even through there are some flickering shadows located throughout the room, it is pretty well lit, despite the fact that there are no visible sources of light located anywhere within the room.  The light just exists wherever it needs to be and the primary energy they create is directed toward the center of the room.  Located at the center of the room is another pillar of mist.  It is similar in nature to that in the Hall of Tribulation, but is generally thicker and brighter than its counterpart.

The large double doors that lead into the room consist of solid oak and contain intricately carved designs of the Creation Event.  Laced into the designs are pieces of gold and platinum that enhance the carvings on the doors.  Hanging from the pillars and around the doors are long pieces of silk that are dyed varied shades of purple and pink.  The reason why this room is so well decorated is because of its importance.  Out of all the rooms located throughout the Palace, this one is where the inhabitants can go and talk directly to God.

But access to this room is not an essential right.  Only a select few are allowed to gain entry; and even then, they need approval before entry is granted.  And gaining approval is in itself not an easy task.  To secure that no unauthorized personnel gain entry to the room, two guards are posted outside of the room to ensure this.

Samael, however, doesn’t face any difficulty when he wants to gain entry to the room.  This is because Samael is one of the beings who have unrestricted access to the room.  Unless the room is currently being used by another, Samael is able to enter the room without question from the guards.  Since no one is currently in the room, he is able to enter without pause or hesitation.  The two guards that are positioned outside the room stand at attention when Samael approaches and enters the room.  They stay at attention until the doors close behind them.

Whenever a person enters or leaves the room, it isn’t required for them to ever touch the door.  This is due to the fact that the doors will open and close on their own accord.  And when the doors move, they do so without ever making a sound.  Once inside, Samael approaches the column of mist and kneels before it at a respectful distance.  Even though he is the greatest of all of God’s creations from the realm of Heaven, and is the closest to God in power, strength, and glory, Samael still subjugates himself before his Lord and Creator.

“My Lord,” Samael says, “I need to talk with you.”

“Rise my child,” replies the Voice of God.

Like that in the Hall of Tribulation, the pillar of mist brightens as the presence of God enters it.  But unlike the Hall of Tribulation, when the Voice of God speaks, it fills Samael’s ears as if God was right next to him instead of traversing a medium.  The Voice of God is also filled with kindness and love.  But yet, it also sounds distant, as if it is covering a great distance to reach Samael’s ears.  This is a strange dichotomy in which Samael finds both interesting and a bit creepy.  Though mortals assign a gender to God, Samael knows that such a concept is absurd when dealing with God.  This also applies to giving God any type of form or shape.  God is beyond the realm of human understanding and can’t be arbitrarily assigned a gender or form.  To Samael’s ears, the Voice of God comes across as androgynous and without shape.  Upon hearing God’s command, Samael rises to his feet.

“What do you have to say, my child?” asks the Voice of God.

“My Lord,” Samael says.  “I demand justice.”  Samael would have given more emphasis to this, but he desires to maintain a respectful tone when he is talking to God.

“What wrong has been committed that warrants you to make such a demand?”

“A violation of one of your Commandments, my Lord; thou shall not commit adultery.”

“And who do you charge in violation of my Commandment?”

“I charge two of my own kind; those known as the archangel Michael and the angel Sara.”

“You are making a bold claim Samael.  Have you thought this through and are not acting in haste?  Is this the course of action you want to take?”

“Yes, my Lord.  I stand by my claim and I want to see it through.”

“When I issued my Commandments, I gave them to my Followers, not my Servants.”

“My Lord, when you gave your Commandments to your Followers, it was because they kept defying your laws and ignoring your edicts.  You gave them your Commandments and carved them into stone so that they would have an anchor, a point of reference, to live by.  You didn’t have to do that with us because your Servants in Heaven followed your laws and decrees.  But that is irrelevant.  It is irrelevant because the principles that underlie your Commandments remain true, regardless if you are in Heaven or on Earth.”

“Have these angels committed any acts of fornication?”

“Not to my knowledge, my Lord.”

“Then on what ground does your charge stand upon?”

“Adultery isn’t just the engagement of fornication between two parties.  Adultery is when an intimate relationship is formed when one or both parties engage in a relationship while still engaged in a previous one.”

“And do you claim to be the injured party in this situation?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Have you taken this claim through the proper courts and channels?”

“No, my Lord.”

“Then why have you brought this issue before me?  Do you claim that you are superior to everyone else?”

“No!  I claim that you should stop giving preferential treatment to those who are in your favor and punish those who disobey your Commands!”

“No.  Your request is denied.”

“What!?  How can…”

“Silence!” The Voice of God proclaims this in a thunderous tone that resonates throughout the room.  It is loud enough for the guards posted outside of the door to hear it.  Samael cringes at this as he brings his hands up to cover his ears.  Due to the compression wave generated by the response, it causes Samael’s long blond hair to flutter and wave.  “How dare you question my judgement!?”

“Forgive me my Lord.  I meant no disrespect.  I just don’t understand why you will let this crime go unpunished.”

Samael gives a bow as he says this.  As he waits in the bowed position, he expects to receive a response from God, but none comes.  Samael looks up hesitantly.  “My Lord…?”

Continued silence from God.  The only response Samael receives is the opening of the chamber doors.  This infuriates Samael.  But what is he to do?  He has no choice but to leave.  He turns around and heads out of the room, the light from the mist darkening as he goes.


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas

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Samael – Chapter Eight

Chapter 8

When Samael finally returns to the Palace, it is fairly late in the day.  Due to the time he spent in Forbidden Lands, he is covered from head to toe in rust colored dust.  Though most of the dust is located upon his boots and pant legs, it coats the rest of his clothes as well as his face and hair.  As he travels down the corridor within the Palace, Samael does so with a purpose, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

He’s been played for a fool and he wants his retribution.  Though he doesn’t have a clear idea on who was responsible for this, he does have a few leads in which he wants to pursue.  But first things first; he heads off to Sara’s apartment to see if she’s there.  As he comes in sight of Sara’s apartment, he just so happens to cross paths with Gabriel, who is currently distracted by some papers that he has in his hands.  Since Gabriel is here, Samael figures that now would be a good time to ask him a few questions, the foremost being, where he got the note.

“Gabriel,” Samael says.  “I have a question for you.”

Looking up, Gabriel meets Samael’s eyes and doesn’t like what he sees.  They promise nothing but trouble.  “What’s wrong Samael?” Gabriel says concerned.

“I came across some information today that I found to be a bit disturbing.  It has to do with that note you gave me yesterday.  So I have to ask, where did you get that note?”

“I’m not following,” Gabriel says confused.

“Don’t play dumb with me Gabriel!  Someone had to give you that note and I want to know who that person is.”

Gabriel thinks for a second.  Then, with a look of confidence, he says “I’m not at liberty to tell you.  And besides, it shouldn’t matter who I received the note from.  Whoever sent you that note must have identified himself when you read it.”

After hearing this, Samael rushes forward in a fit of rage and grabs Gabriel by his neck and lifts him clear off the ground.  Once his arm is fully extended, Gabriel’s head is just inches away from the ceiling.

“Don’t play with be Gabriel,” Samael proclaims.  “I just got back from meeting the person who the note was allegedly from and she said that she had nothing to do with it.  Since I trust her, it must mean that someone else had to have sent that note.  So I’m going to ask you again, who gave you that note!?”

“Listen to me,” Gabriel manages to say through Samael’s grip as he squirms against the hold.  “You don’t want to do this.  You’re upset and you’re not thinking straight.  Take a few days off and rest.  Then you can proceed with this matter in a calm and collected manner.”

“No.  I’ve waited long enough and I want some answers, now!  What are you hiding from me?”

“What do you want me to say?” Gabriel says choking.

Realizing that he isn’t going to get any answers from Gabriel, Samael decides to get his answers elsewhere.  Looking off to one side, Samael looks upon the door that leads to Sara’s apartment.  He makes his way over to it, hauling Gabriel along with him as he does so.  He checks the door to see if it would open.  No luck; it’s locked.

As Samael deals with the door, Gabriel does what he can to get out of Samael’s grip, but without success.  As Gabriel tries to escape, Samael looks at his prisoner and decides that there is more than one way to open a locked door.  Whirling Gabriel around to gain some momentum, Samael throws his fellow angel into, and then through, the solid, hardwood door, causing it to splinter.  Once through the door, Gabriel lands hard on the floor and comes to a stop once he hits a dresser located on the far wall, smashing it.

With the doorframe now vacant of its wooden occupant, Samael is able to walk into the apartment unimpeded.  As Samael goes about looking for any evidence that Sara is home, Gabriel remains on the floor, showing very little evidence of consciousness.  When his search is completed, Samael finds no sign of Sara.

With his primary search coming up empty, Samael starts combing through the apartment, looking for something, anything, that might tell him where Sara is.  Though he doesn’t know exactly what he is looking for, Samael has a feeling that he’d know it when he finds it.  In his search, he eventually comes across a scrap of paper that is sitting upon a bedside table.  When he picks it up, an amulet is revealed.  Upon seeing this amulet, Samael becomes confused.   He knows who it belongs to, and it’s neither him nor Sara.  Turning the piece of paper over, Samael notices some writing, which reads:

“To my beloved.  Take care.”

Samael recognizes the handwriting and his anger becomes even deeper.  He crushes the note and makes his way over to Gabriel, grabbing the amulet as he does.  Gabriel has regained consciousness and has managed to make it to his knees when Samael grabs him once again and lifts him off the ground, using his clothing to lift him up this time.

“What do you know of this?” Samael demands.

“Ahh.  What are you referring to?” Gabriel replies while gasping for breath.

“Don’t play with me Gabriel!  Why have I found Michael’s amulet next to Sara’s bed?”

“Hmm.  I figure the answer to that question should be self-evident; as clear as the nose on your face.”

At that, Gabriel once again takes an unexpected flight at the hands of Samael.  When he lands, it is hard against the bureau, smashing virtually everything on it. Samael storms out of the room, looking for the archangel Michael.  The people who congregated at the door to watch what was going on inside make way for Samael as he passes.

It doesn’t take long for Samael to find his target.  Michael is in Orkney Palace and is located in one of the corridors, conversing with some other angels.  Michael is a tall figure with a well muscular physique.  He has the look of a well weathered warrior, something in which he has rightfully earned.  He is dressed in a plain white dress shirt which hangs loosely upon the arms and is tied to his chest with leather straps.  He is also wearing a leather kilt with emeralds embroidered at the bottom of each strap that make up the kilt.

As Samael comes around the corner, he is almost betrayed by the natural aura in which he possesses.  But fortunately for Samael, he manages to sneak up on Michael before Michael is able to react to his presence.  As Samael approaches, Michael notices a growing light from the corner of his eye and begins to turn to see what it is when Samael lands a punch right on Michael’s jaw.  The force of the blow causes Michael to drop down to one knee and causes him to place a hand on the ground as well for balance.

If Michael wasn’t as powerful as he is, then the blow he received would have knocked him out.  But because of who he is, Michael is only left stunned.  What really got him was the shock on being hit.  As Michael holds his jaw as he crouches on the ground, Samael manages to land another strike, this time a kick to the ribs.  As Michael rolls about upon the ground, Samael gets ready for another strike.

But before he can, a number of angels grab Samael as well as get between him and Michael to prevent him from landing another strike.  This is in itself a Herculean task, but they manage to hold him back, but just barely.  There are also several angels on Michael to prevent him from landing any blows of his own on Samael once he regains his footing.  Luckily for them, when Michael does regain his feet, he isn’t as hard to detain.  He is also more agitated then anything else.

Pushing against the angels, Michael says, with a clear bruise developing on his jaw, “Is that all that you got Samael?  I would have expected more from you, God’s most beloved angel.”

“Brave words coming from the likes of you Michael.  Your mouth wouldn’t be so smart when I am through with it.”

“And what exactly do you have planned for me, oh great one?”

“I plan on teaching a traitor a lesson.”

“Me, a traitor?  That is pretty pompous, even for you.”

“I’d rather be pompous then a snake in the grass.”

After hearing that, Michael receives a burst of energy and tries to get Samael, but the other angels manage to restrain him.  The same thing applies to Samael, but it requires even more angels to restrain him.  If this continues to go on as it is, weapons are going to be drawn and blood will be spilled.  But before that occurs, something catches Samael’s eye.

It is Sara.  She must have been nearby when the confrontation first broke out, for her body language indicates that she has been there for awhile.  She is standing near the front of the crowd, but it wasn’t until now that Samael noticed her.  When Samael notices her, he looks in her directly.  When he does, he notices that she averts her gaze.  It is clear whose side she is on.

When this realization hits, it takes the wind out of Samael’s sails.  He eases his pressure against the angels holding him back as a look of shock comes over his face.  The truth of the matter just came home in a hard way.  He had his doubts, but seeing her now, the love of his life, side with another, erases all such doubts.  He no longer has a desire to stay, but before he goes, Samael takes out the amulet he found in Sara’s apartment and throws it at Michael’s feet.

“Don’t think that we’re through here,” Samael says.  “We still have some business to attend to.”  Turning, Samael walks away.


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas

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