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WordPress Breakdown

Dear readers,

         Not that long ago, someone inquired about the nature of my wordpress account.  This inquiry centered on the name of my wordpress account and exactly what it was.  A lot of the recent entries I posted here began with the phrase “Xerek Files,” and this person asked if this was the name of my account.  As I think about the situation, I can understand the confusion.  As a result, in an attempt to clarify the situation, I decided to write this particular entry.  With the phrase “Xerek Files,” it is in fact not the name of my wordpress account but instead the name of a document I use as a means of world building for a collection of stories that I have written and continue to expand upon.  In fact, this world building pertains to an entire fictional universe that I have created known as the Fifth Estate.

          The aim of this wordpress account is to allow me to get my writing out to the world.  Found within these digital pages are a number of different stories and essays.  These cover a wide range of topics and subject matters ranging from religious/supernatural fiction to personal opinions and thoughts on certain issues and topics.  With the longer pieces, those that are typically divided up into chapters, they are posted one chapter at a time.

          The first series of entries belong to my novella SamaelSamael is a work of religious/supernatural fiction and is my retelling of the Fall of Lucifer.  In this retelling, I essentially say that it was not out of pride, but a broken heart, that led Lucifer to rebel against God.  With the telling of the story, I don’t remember having any real plan or objective with its construction beyond that of retelling the story.  I didn’t have any specific word count or other measure of story length that I was aiming to achieve.  It was nothing more than a story that I wanted to tell.  And in the telling of Samael, I referred to other elements found within the Abrahamic religions.  These included the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Cain, Adam’s first wife Lilith, Adam and Eve, Job, the Forbidden Fruit, the Garden of Eden, the Serpent, and the use of Satan as a title.  I plan on eventually writing a sequel to this story, taking the form of a full length novel.  In this novel, Lucifer, Cain, and possibly Lilith, will make an appearance in the narrative as well as including Judas in the story.  In the same spirit of retelling a well known narrative, I plan on putting my own spin surrounding the story surrounding Judas.

          Some time after posting this story, I posted my first full length novel, An Enemy WithinAn Enemy Within is a superhero piece where the superpowers in question aren’t as super as what we have come to expect from the genre.  The approach I used in this story is that, if superpowers really existed, how would they work?  As a result, a fair number of powers were dropped, never to be seen again.  With the powers that do exist, they can be seen as the weaker, distant cousins of the superpowers that we are all familiar with.  The story itself follows a woman by the name of Shannon who is a socially minded youth who fights for mutant rights, leading her to join the New World Power.  However, when she first joins the New World Power, she doesn’t fully understand the aim and nature of the organization.  When she does realize what the New World Power is about, it leads to tensions to arise, not only in Shannon, but between her and the New World Power itself.  And it is through this tension that the story is told.  An Enemy Within also acts as the first main story within the universe of the Fifth Estate.

          With the Fifth Estate, it is the larger universe in which An Enemy Within, as well as a number of different stories, takes place.  With the origin of the Fifth Estate name, it comes from the Estate of the Realms, first introduced in medieval France.  With the Estate of the Realms, it consists of three estates which are as follows; the First Estate consists of the clergy, the Second Estate consists of the nobility, and the Third Estate consists of the commoner.  Reinterpreting and expanding upon this concept, I created the Social Estates.  With the Social Estates, the First Estate consists of the clergy, the Second Estate consists of people of prominence, the Third Estate consists of the working class, the Fourth Estate consists of the media, and the Fifth Estate consists of misfits and outcasts.  It is within the Fifth Estate that those who are seen as possessing superpowers are typically found.

          The reason why I posted An Enemy Within here on wordpress is because I lost the flash drive that the story was stored on due to me being attacked.  This attack centered on the fact that a random stranger wanted my laptop and I refused to hand it over.  As a result, he threatened my life followed by grabbing me in an attempt to physically steal my computer.  During the scuffle, though I was able to hold on to my laptop, the very laptop that I used to write this entry, my flash drive broke free of its lanyard and vanished.  Concerned that my attacker took it, accompanied by the fact that no book agent responded to my queries about the manuscript, I decided to post it online as a means of establishing some form of copy right on the material.

          Besides An Enemy Within, other Fifth Estate stories and elements are found within this wordpress account.  These stories include Seeing the Light, The Boy From Upstate, LAX Massacre, National Registration and Regulation Act of Individuals with Gifted or Extraordinary Abilities, a rough Fifth Estate Timeline, and The Xerek FilesSeeing the Light is a novelette that follows a young boy who possesses a mutant ability that appears to others as if he has turned into a human torch.  As a result of this, it causes family tensions and eventually leads him to a faith healer, an experience that emotionally scars the young boy.  With The Boy From Upstate, it deals with people who are mutants but don’t possess any superpowers.  All that they possess are odd physical characteristics and nothing more.  As a result of this, it leads to a hate crime to be committed against one of these individuals, resulting in the individual’s death.  With LAX Massacre, it takes place not that long after the 9/11attacks and centers around an attack on LAX itself.  With National Registration and Regulation Act of Individuals with Gifted or Extraordinary Abilities, it came out of the Mutant Registration Act that has been mentioned within the Marvel Universe.  Because the Mutant Registration Act was only mentioned within the comics and never really addressed directly, I decided to actually flush out and write an actual bill that is being discussed in front of Congress with the aim of regulating those with superpowers.  The Fifth Estate timeline is meant to give a rough guideline of some world events to help give the audience an idea of when the events of a particular story of the Fifth Estate took place.  Finally, with The Xerek Files, they are notes and entries found within the journal of a geneticist who is specializing in individuals who possess superpowers.

          Finally, there are some random entries and essays found within this wordpress account.  Three of these essays pertain to misanthropy and the others are essentially just random entries.  Of these random entries, they consist of me seeing a UFO, depression, Attributes of a Monster, and the difference between robots, cyborgs, and androids, just to name a few.  There is even a reposting of someone else’s post regarding scale of different things in the universe, ranging from DNA strands all the way up through galaxies.  So it is here that I shall come to an end.  I hope that this has helped clarify the situation and the aim of this wordpress account.  And keep reading, regardless of the story or author involved.

Bradley P. Thomas

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