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Traits and abilities that are above and beyond that which is found in the average human being.

Extraordinary Traits and Abilities – Accelerated Healing Ability

What is found in this entry is one of the “superpowers” that I have described in “A Case Study on Genetic Aberrations and Adaptations as Observed in Individuals with Extraordinary Traits and Abilities.”  I put superpowers in quotations in the previous sentence because in the universe for which this ability exists, as well as all other of the other traits and abilities found in the case study, can be seen as the weaker, distant cousins of the superpowers that we are all familiar with.  In addition to this, I try and base the traits and abilities found in the case study on known and proper science.  So with that said, enjoy.


Accelerated Healing Ability
With this ability, it provides the individual with an increased recuperative capability as well as an ability to fight off diseases and infections. This ability is based off of the individual’s natural healing ability. The body, when injured, will do what it can to fix itself and this ability is nothing more than an accelerated version of this natural bodily tendency. As a result, the individual with this ability can repair damage and fight off disease at a faster rate than the average human being.
With the fighting off of disease, the individual’s bone marrow generates a greater level of lymphocytes. With the repairing of damaged tissues, the swelling that accompanies such injuries tends to be reduced, allowing for the healing process to begin earlier, reducing the time it takes for the tissue to repair itself. If the injury is shallow enough, spontaneous regeneration has been noted to occur.
In addition to this, the individual possesses a higher level of metabolism then the average human being accompanied by over activity of the individual’s adult stem cells to help in the healing process. In addition to this, there is a high level of scar control, reducing the visible signs of injury after healing accompanied by the amount of scar tissue produced. And with the autonomic nervous system, it plays a role in the function of healing with the average human being. With those that possess this ability, their autonomic nervous system performs at a level not found in the average human being.
A side effect of this ability is that it retards the aging process of the individual, prolonging the individual’s lifespan. At the time being, there isn’t enough information to determine how long an individual with this ability is able to live. But what is known is that some kind of mutation affects the telomeres, preventing the shortening of the telomeres as compared to others, resulting in less errors and better replication. And in documented cases, individuals with this ability are also prone to suffering from autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune disease is when the immune system attacks healthy issue. With this ability, because it amps up the healing process, it also inadvertently increases the chances that the immune system will attack healthy tissue.


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Extraordinary Traits and Abilities – Abnormal Bodily Discharge: Tar/Ashalt

What is found in this entry is one of the “superpowers” that I have described in “A Case Study on Genetic Aberrations and Adaptations as Observed in Individuals with Extraordinary Traits and Abilities.”  I put superpowers in quotations in the previous sentence because in the universe for which this ability exists, as well as all other of the other traits and abilities found in the case study, can be seen as the weaker, distant cousins of the superpowers that we are all familiar with.  In addition to this, I try and base the traits and abilities found in the case study on known and proper science.  So with that said, enjoy.


Abnormal Bodily Discharge: Tar/Asphalt
With this ability, it allows the individual to secrete tar or asphalt from his or her body. What allows this to occur is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH). What allows PAH to form in the body in the first place, and allow this ability to work, is through the ingestion of certain food stuffs, most commonly in the form of cereals, oils, and fats, though it can be obtained through the consumption of vegetables and cooked meats as well, though in much smaller amounts. Whenever the individual encounters other sources of PAH’s, this ability allows the individual to absorb the material, preferably through ingestion. This is because ingestion is the most effective means of absorbing it, even if the PAH’s source is toxic. Once the PAH is absorbed, it is stored within the body for future use, though it will eventually be expelled from the body if not used by the individual.
When this ability is used, any object that comes into contact with the individual will adhere to the individual wherever it lands or comes into contact. And the thicker that the tar/asphalt is, the harder it is to remove the item from the individual. In addition to this, any object that is light enough can be placed onto the individual without it falling off. This ability can also be used to stick two objects together or to cause a person to become stuck to a particular surface, preventing the person from moving or discarding an item. It can also be used to mucky up firearms and to prevent them from firing or otherwise from working properly.
And when the situation calls for it, this ability can allow the individual to use it as a sealant or to throw globs of tar or asphalt at a target. There’s also the possibility that it can be used to help the individual to climb up a surface. And if the individual is walking barefoot while using this ability, he or she can leave a sticky trail behind them, which the individual is typically immune to. This is because the individual can generate more tar/asphalt on their feet to separate themselves from the surface that he or she is traversing.
This ability also provides partial protection to the individual from the cold and the heat. However, if the cold temperature is great enough, it can cause the tar/asphalt to thicken and harden, reducing the individual’s overall speed and movement. Finally, because of the effects of PAH, this ability can cause the person who possesses it to have a lower level of intelligence then found in the average person. However, further study is needed to be sure about this correlation.


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The Boy From Upstate

When it comes to stories that belong to the superhero genre or surround characters that can be described as superpowered in one form or another, they tend to follow those with the more entertaining or eye catching powers or abilities.  They also tend to follow individuals who have more of a charismatic or otherwise appealing personality.  You hardly, if ever, come across those who are nobodies with powers, traits, or characteristics that aren’t that spectacular, interesting, or eye catching, despite the fact that such individuals have to exist somewhere in that universe.  What follows is one such story, where the extraordinary traits that the person possesses aren’t that flashy, useful, or interesting.  Their mutation just makes them different.

Her name is Sadie, and according to society, she is a mutant.  However, due to the nature of her mutation, she isn’t able to be singled out from the crowd and identified as a mutant.  The extraordinary traits that she possesses, if they could be called that, consist of bright, fiery red hair, very pale skin, and unnaturally green eyes.  During earlier centuries, such traits would be a clear indication that she doesn’t fit in with the larger society when it comes to appearance.  With the modern concept surrounding the situation, she would be immediately identified as a mutant.  It’s not so much her pale skin but the color of her hair and eyes that would alert others to her condition and separate her from the rest of the community.  This has to do with her hair being truly red, not the orange that society identifies as red.  This is accompanied by the fact that her eyes are a bright green that people don’t consider to naturally occur in human irises.

However, as society changed over time, progressing and advancing as it tends to do, such differences aren’t considered that unusual.  True, members of mainstream society would look and take notice, but they wouldn’t give it that much thought.  This is due to the fact that color contacts and hair dye products have been invented and are readily available on the market for people to purchase and use.  With modern society, people with odd hair and eyes aren’t that unusual, especially in larger cities, though they might be considered a little strange.  Society just sees these individuals as people who are just trying to stand out from the rest of the group or are just expressing themselves in a nonconventional way.  Hell, there are people out there who thrive on such things and are the types who have their faces tattooed, have five hundred ear piercings in a single ear, and will have a few large safety pins pierced through both lips.  And in regards to Sadie’s pale skin, people would just think that she’s an albino or doesn’t go out into the sun all that often.  With all three traits, she might get a passing glance by others, but nothing more than that.  It is because of this that allows her to hide in plain sight.

But not everyone is that lucky.  One such individual is Conner.  Much like Sadie, Conner is a mutant with the same type of unusual characteristics.  However, with the unusual characteristics that he possesses, Conner always manages to draw the wrong kind of attention.  His unusual characteristics consist of green hair, blue skin, and odd colored eyes that consist of dark gray scleras and dark red irises.  It’s not so much the hair and the irises that draw the unwanted attention, for they can be easily explained away.  It has to do with the odd color of the skin and scleras.  As a result, he receives a lot of abuse from other people, and this abuse came from more than just kids his own age.  Compounding the problem is the fact that Conner attends the public school system.  Luckily, he has some understanding parents that he can turn to for support, which help him to deal with the situation.  Aiding in this is the fact that he has a good relationship with them.  But they can’t protect him from everything, and the abuse reaches the point where a line will be crossed that cannot be re-crossed in the opposite direction.

When this incident occurs, Sadie is working part-time at a smalltime café in New York City.  The café is accepting of Sadie’s “Gothic” lifestyle, but the management nonetheless frowns upon it.  And this is ok with her because it’s better to be thought of as a Goth then to be known as a mutant.  And adding to this Gothic look is the fact that Sadie has dyed parts of her hair black, creating a series of streaks.  But she needs to dye her roots again, and relatively soon, for her natural hair color is beginning to show though there are those who would consider it to be unnatural, and this is toward the modest end of this type of thinking.  And though she is considered a Goth, she doesn’t really dress the part.  Her attire isn’t that much different than that of the average person.  Knowing that her appearance can be off-putting to some, Sadie does what she can to provide a friendly and welcoming attitude to her customers when the situation allows for it.

During one of her shifts at the café, she just so happens to overhear a conversation between two of the customers in regards to Conner.  The conversation consists of Conner’s body being found in a farmer’s field in an Upstate community.  His body also shows signs that he was badly beaten before being left in the field.  Sadie won’t learn until later that the field which his body was found in was located not that far from his hometown.  And when she begins to look into the situation, she won’t know if his body was just dumped there in the field or if he was left for dead and died in the intervening time due to exposure.  This question won’t be answered until a later point in time.

Interested to learn more about the situation, Sadie makes her way over to the customers and says, “Hi.  I don’t mean to pry, but I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation.  If you don’t mind, could you satisfy a curious mind?”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” one of them says.  “Just some kid from Upstate got himself into a bit of trouble.”

“He had it coming if you ask me,” the other one says.

“How so?” Sadie asks.

“He’s a mutant.  What else do you need to know?”

This strikes a chord with Sadie, as if mutants disserve nothing but trouble and she should know this fact.  “So what are you saying, that he deserved to be attacked just because he’s different?” she asks.

“Exactly.  He’s just a mutant, nothing more than that.  And besides, they don’t deserve to rub shoulders with the rest of us, plain and simple.”

“And besides,” the first guy says, “from what I’ve heard, he looked like a piñata.  How can you not help but want to beat him?”

This gets a laugh out of the other guy.  These two guys are of the type who support the passing of the National Registration and Regulation Act of Individuals with Gifted or Extraordinary Abilities.  However, they don’t feel like it would go far enough if enacted.  Even though they feel like the bill falls short of its full potential, they think that it’s a step in the right direction.  And Sadie would have wanted to say more about this matter, but an order comes up and she has to excuse herself in order to attend to it.  But a small part of her was glad to have been called away at that moment.  This is because that part of her was concerned that maybe, just maybe, she would have inadvertently exposed herself to be a mutant.  When it comes time for them to leave, she’s glad to see them go.

Eventually, it comes time for her to head out of there herself.  When she leaves the café, she doesn’t go directly home, though she doesn’t consider where she is staying to be “home.”  At the moment, she’s staying at a women’s shelter.  This is due in part to the fact that she can’t find an affordable place to stay and she learned that it’s too dangerous for her to be living on the streets.  Thus, the shelter.  The reason why she turned to the shelter is because she is a runaway.  The reason for this was because she was in love with a boy that her parents didn’t approve of.  But being a teenager, she thought that she knew what was better than her parents did as well as being swept up by the feelings that she had for him.  In addition to this, the relationship she had with her parents while growing up led to a lot of animosity and hard feelings between them.

After running away, Sadie and her boyfriend managed to survive for a while in the city, and they were happy.  But this didn’t last.  He eventually broke her heart and as a result, the relationship bottomed out.  Isn’t that always the case?  As a result of the breakup, she left him as well as the apartment that they were staying at, causing her to be on her own.  But after leaving, she felt like she couldn’t go back to her parents, due to the manner in which she left.  This resulted in her sleeping on the streets for awhile, but she quickly learned that the streets of New York City are no place for a single woman.  But as a result, Sadie seriously thought of going back to her parents, but decided against it.  She wants to prove herself before going back to her parents.  And to prove herself, she wants to earn some kind of college degree.  Not long after getting off the streets and entering the shelter, she earned her GED and began to take college classes whenever she can at a community college.  She’s now 22, and though she’s still at the shelter, she’s making good progress on her associate of arts degree.  She also takes classes when she can afford them and that her schedule would allow.  She’s also looking for fulltime work so that she can move out of the shelter and get her own place, but it’s frustrating because she’s having trouble finding one.

Before heading back to the shelter, she has to go and take care of her second job, which is modeling.  The type of modeling that she does is for some local photographers as well as for some art classes.  Is she had an agent, she would be getting some better paying jobs, but not being wild about agents or knowing how to get one, she will just have to accept what she’s been getting.  And she’s been doing photo shoots for awhile.  Some of them have even had her be scantily clad, but she hasn’t done any nude shoots yet.  She also learned that she gets paid more with her natural hair color then with dyed hair, though the photographers think that it’s reversed.  It’s strange how things can work out at times.  And if any of them ask what her “natural” hair color is, she can always fall back on the line of “A girl never tells.”

But today, instead of modeling for photographers, she is modeling for an art class at the community college that she is attending.  And any person who knew Sadie before she ran away would be surprised by the fact that she is modeling now because she was the type who didn’t even like going outside.  This was due to the fact that she felt uncomfortable going out in public because she felt like people were staring at her because she thought that they knew she was a mutant.  How she changed over that intervening time.  However, she never took the time to reflect upon the progress that she made on this front.  And as she is modeling for the class, her mind keeps going back to Conner.

Once class is over, Sadie changes back into her street clothes and finally heads back to the shelter.  She’s pretty tired and would just like to lay down for a little bit.  And it’s not like she has anything to do tonight or have any other plans, other than look for fulltime work.  And since she’s taken care of all of her responsibilities for today, she has the rest of the day to herself.  And when she returns to the shelter, the first thing that she does is lie down.  She wants to try and find out some more information about Conner, but first, she needs to rest.  Sadie didn’t realize how tired she was until she was only a few blocks away from the shelter.  She’s had a few busy weeks behind her and they’re beginning to catch up with her.  So whatever information search that she’ll want to do can wait until later.  But right now, she just needs some sleep.  And as it turns out, she falls asleep not long after putting her head down upon the pillow.

With her return to the land of the living, or at least the land of consciousness, Sadie realizes that she has slept through the night as identified by the fact that morning is beginning to show itself.  She must have been pretty tired and needed the rest for she slept for well over eight hours.  In the end, it was more like a solid ten.  Seeing that morning has arrived, Sadie is taken off guard a bit, but she isn’t put out of countenance that much.  Though she didn’t have any formal plans for the night before, she would have wanted to at least do something last night other then completely sleep it away.  But she can’t do much about it now, and she doesn’t see it as much of a problem.  So she’ll start looking into the situation surrounding Conner today instead of yesterday.  Also, she’ll get an early start on the day as well.

And she actually likes getting an early start because she enjoys walking through the city early in the morning and seeing the early light of day bathe the city streets in gold.  While out and about, she stops by a bakery and grabs a pastry or two and calls it breakfast.  After getting something to drink as well and enjoying her meal, Sadie heads to the local library.  Since she doesn’t have to work at the café today, she has the leisure to do things like this during the daylight hours.  And once at the library, the first place that she goes to is where the newspapers are kept.  She will follow this by doing some internet research.  Sadie wants to learn as much as she can about what happened to Conner.  But she wants to do this by checking out primary sources first, and for Sadie, she sees the printed media of major newspapers as a good primary source to start with.  True, the internet is growing in importance and popularity as a primary news source, but there will always be a place for paper.  It satisfies a niche that can’t be entirely digitized.

And Sadie spends the entire day researching the matter, and this is the information that she has been able to obtain.  Conner was a 17-year-old high school junior who was a good student and tended to earn good grades in his classes.  But on one night, when he was taking a walk around his neighborhood, witnesses reported seeing a dark colored sedan pull up next to him, a few words were exchanged, and two people jumped out from the car and tried to grab him.  But Conner didn’t make it easy for them because he resisted their advancements and put up a fight.  However, he was quickly overpowered by the two assailants and was pulled toward the trunk of the car.  As the assailants pulled Conner toward the trunk of the car, the trunk door popped open, allowing them to throw Conner into the trunk itself.  Given the fact that the trunk popped open without the two assailants doing anything to open it, accompanied by the fact that the assailants got out from the passenger side of the car, it implies that there is a third suspect sitting behind the wheel.

Once arriving at the trunk, one of the assailant’s temporarily steps away from Conner in order to fully open the trunk door.  Once doing this, he returns his attention back to Conner and gives him two or three punches to the gut, almost doing it as if for good measure, followed by grabbing Conner and throwing him into the trunk.  With Conner now fully inside, the assailant grabs the trunk door and slams it shut.  Unfortunately for Conner, this model Sedan doesn’t have an emergency release tab attached to the inside of the trunk door which would have allowed him to at least attempt an escape.  With the trunk now closed, the two assailants climb back into the car and they all drive off.  Conner never comes home that night, or ever will again for that matter.  The next day arrives and a farmer working his field comes across a body tied up to one of his fences.  The body has been tied up in such a way that it gives the appearance that the person has been crucified.  In addition to this, the front of the shirt has been ripped open and the word “freak” has been carved into the blue skin of the chest accompanied by the fact that the face was heavily mutilated.

Since there wasn’t any form of ID present on the body, the dental records had to be checked to try and determine an identity for the body.  With an identification determined, the authorities contact the parents, asking them to come down to the coroner’s office in order to provide a positive identification.  Even though the face was heavily mutilated, it was still intact enough for the parents to positively identify their son.  Conner’s parents now have to deal with the fact that they now have to bury their child.  Checking the dates, Sadie sees that the articles and other news postings were from a few days ago.  Finding some follow up articles, she sees that at least two suspects have been detained and are being questioned, though the third suspect is still believed to be on the loose.  The two that are in custody are 16-year-old Carl King, who is also known as Carnival Carl, and 17-year-old Harvey Whitehead, III.  What allowed the authorities to apprehend them so quickly was the fact that they were boasting and bragging about what they did to Conner to other people.

Both are, or at least at one point in time were, classmates of Conner, though Carl was kicked out of school several months earlier for disruptive behavior accompanied by acts of violence, vandalism, and overtly threatening behavior.  Further condemning them, King and Whitehead had no problem spilling their guts on the matter, though they laid principle responsibility on each other and refuse to take any form of personal responsibility.  This was due in part to the fact that they were hanging out together when they were apprehended.  But it’s concluded that their primary motivation for ratting each other out is because of cowardice and not wanting to be blamed for the death.  However, despite their willingness to implicate each other, they’re refusing to say anything about the third suspect in the crime; their mysterious driver friend, though their behavior implicitly implies that there is a third.

It’s unclear to the authorities why they’re protecting this third individual given the fact that they’re so readily pointing the finger at each other, but the authorities think that King and Whitehead are doing this because they either respect this individual so much or that they so deeply fear him and what he’s capable of doing that they don’t dare cross him.  That or they’re refusing to talk about this third individual because of some misguided sense of loyalty to the individual.  All that the authorities know for sure at this time is that the dark colored sedan must somehow belong to this third individual in some way because no such vehicle has been found or otherwise connected to King or Whitehead, either personally or through any of their family members, associates, or other contacts.

Sadie learns all of this through several hours of research.  She also manages to get images of both King and Whitehead for they have been posted online as well as through news clips and broadcasts she came across.  She is also able to learn that, though they’re refusing to take any form of personal responsibility, King and Whitehead aren’t ashamed of what they did to Conner.  They even confessed to the authorities about what they did.  They did all of this against their parents’ objections and without having a lawyer present.  But even if their lawyer was present, they wouldn’t have heeded the lawyer’s advice.  And as it turns out, one of them actually had his lawyer present and blatantly ignored or dismissed him.  It appears that they are hell-bent on letting the world know what they did.  They just don’t want to take full responsibility for the act, possibly out of fear of facing the death penalty.  For them, doing the act is fine, but taking the fall for it, or at least taking full responsibility, isn’t.  Their attitude is to let the other shithead take the fall for it and is trying to throw the other one under the bus.

Toward the end of her time at the library, Sadie finally relents and checks out the website Freak Watch, which is nothing more than a site meant to monitor “mutant” activity and to openly attack anyone that they consider to be a mutant as well as any person that supports them, even if this support only exists in these people’s heads or can be seen as support in any possible way.  Talk about blindly lashing out and engaging in blatant bigotry.  There are also indications that these people are also conspiracy theorists, as seen as how they present their information and arguments.  The people who run this site believe that anyone that they consider to be a mutant, which for them is a blanket, open ended term and concept, should be rounded up into ghettos before being shipped out to concentration camps and eliminated, much like what the Nazi’s did during the 1930’s and ‘40’s.  And while exterminating the mutant community, these people think why not throw in some other undesirable groups as well, which consists of anyone that doesn’t fit into their narrow view of reality.  And all of this is freely laid out on their website.  You can see why Sadie doesn’t like visiting this site.

On Freak Watch, Sadie sees that they nakedly attack Conner and say that he had what was coming to him while at the same time holding up King, Whitehead, and the mysterious third suspect as folk heroes.  And since both King and Whitehead were caught, the site also paints them as being martyrs for the cause.  The sites sees them being apprehended as a small price to pay for the greater good of society and for humanity as a whole.  And through some convoluted line of thinking, they manage to tie in the New World Power into this entire mess; that their radical fight for equality only demonstrates why people with extraordinary traits and abilities need to be collared and eliminated.  On top of all of this, Freak Watch point the finger directly at the leader of the New World Power as an example of why their position is the only right one.  Making the situation worse was the dramatic escape that he managed to pull off from the LA County jail not long after his arrest.  And even though Sadie doesn’t approve of the actions that the New World Power is taking, because she thinks that it reflects badly upon the entire community, she realizes that those at Freak Watch would find some other way of attacking those of the “mutant” community if the New World Power didn’t exist.

Having enough of this tripe with Freak Watch, and just getting tired of research as a whole, Sadie signs off of the library computer and heads out.  Though you don’t realize it, doing things like research can be tiring.  And when dealing with people like those at Freak Watch, you can only take so much of their tripe before you become physically ill and need to put it aside for awhile.  Sadie is surprised that people can actually think like this let alone become persuaded by their arguments.

And even though she’s had enough information for one day, Sadie does continue to follow the story as it develops.  Eventually, a picture of Conner is finally shown through one of the main media outlets, and Sadie can’t help but look at it.  After looking at the image for awhile and continually returning to it to study it, Sadie has a haunting feeling that she’s seen Conner before.  After racking her brain, she thinks that he actually visited the café before, and he did so when it was her shift.  He must have visited it when he visited the city.  How disturbing is that?  She actually met Conner in the recent past and didn’t realize it until now.  Thinking back upon it, Sadie realizes why she didn’t make the connection at first.

When Conner visited the café, he was wearing jeans, gloves, a hooded sweatshirt, and a baseball cap with the hood pulled as far forward as possible and the bill of the cap down pretty low.  She didn’t think anything of it at the time, nor did anyone else.  In New York City, people tend to keep to themselves and don’t get involved in other people’s business if they can help it.  New York City is a stressful place and there’s no point in adding to an already stressful situation.  The common attitude is “to each their own and it’s none of our business unless someone makes it so.”  And Sadie is no different.  This is her city.  From what she remembers, Conner also didn’t do anything to make himself standout.  He barely lifted his head or made any kind of eye contact if the situation allowed for it.

And this behavior seemed perfectly natural for him, as if he’s been dressing and behaving like this for years.  And that’s probably what he did for most of his time in school, most likely dating to elementary school.  And though she didn’t realize it at the time, when Sadie was able to glimpse Conner’s face and see things like his eyes when he did look up, she did see something unusual about him.  It wasn’t until she was able to study Conner’s unobstructed face that the pieces finally fell into place.  Given enough time is what allowed Sadie to realize that she saw him before.  If that part of her didn’t continue to think about it, she would have just dismissed Conner as just another person passing through the café.

As she looks at his picture, Sadie thinks to herself, “What brought you here? Why did you come?  Did you know what was going to happen to you?  Did you try to escape?”  Eventually, something else comes to mind as she is studying the picture.  Why did he go back?  He had to have known something was going to happen to him.  If he didn’t, then he never would have come to the city in the first place.  The distance that he had to have travelled between New York City and his hometown is not an inconsequential one.  Sadie knows this because she checked.  It required some thinking and planning on his part.  And in the end, it was a round trip.  Was this a trial run, was there something back home that he had to return to or called him back, or did he just become scared of the larger world that he saw in front of him and thought that it was better for him to just face the fear that he was living with back at his hometown?

And as she is following the news story, Sadie eventually learns that the third suspect in the assault has been apprehended.  As he is being interrogated by the police, he actually does the smart thing by not opening his mouth.  The extent of his conversation with the authorities was that he wanted a lawyer, which was about all that he ever said to them.  And once he was lawyered up, he let his attorney act as his mouthpiece, despite goading from the authorities in an attempt to get this third suspect to make a mistake or say something incriminating.  Only people who tend to have a weak sense of pride but believe that they are stronger than they actually are will tend to have this particular ploy work on them and have that rake strike them square in the face.  The only time that the third suspect would actually talk to the police was with his attorney’s approval, and even then, it was limited and controlled.  On occasion, the attorney would interrupt his client to prevent him from saying something incriminating.

Not long after hearing about the arrest of the third suspect, Sadie decides to make her way up to Conner’s hometown and visit the place where his body was discovered.  Once arriving at the location, she finds that flowers have been left at the site as a makeshift memorial for Conner.  Seeing this brings a tear to her eye; not only because there are people out there who actually cared enough to leave flowers at the site, but it also acts as a counter argument to all of the hatred and bigotry that Sadie has come across that has been directed toward Conner after the incident occurred, even if it’s a nonverbal counter.

After visiting Connor’s memorial site, Sadie eventually makes her way back to her parents’ home.  After arriving there, she just stands outside with a part of her wanting to go up to the front door and knock.  And she just stands there for awhile, trying to decide what she should do.  But in the end, she decides not to and just walks away.  She just isn’t ready to truly go home.  She needs some more time before she can cross that bridge and to at least try to patch things back up with her parents.  She just needs a little more time.


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An Enemy Within — Chapter Fifty One

Chapter 51

The news coverage that follows the capture of Crow is tremendous. It receives national attention and is covered by a host of news outlets which include the Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, along with others. Even the BBC has sent reporters to cover the event, as well as the situation surrounding it.

In Crow’s attempt to establish his own political state, he managed to step on a lot of people’s toes. The criminal activities which he engaged in, or was responsible for orchestrating, stretch all the way from the local to the national level. If the authorities realized the full extent of his activities, it would be possible that international organizations such as Interpol would also get involved. When all the legal and political dust has settled, Crow would most likely be handed over to the United States Army to be tried in front of a military court. This is because he is still considered military property due to his connection with the Army ROTC program, a program that he stayed apart of all the way to graduation.

When he is eventually handed over to the United States Army, the initial charges that he will be tried under are articles 85 and 104, desertion and aiding the enemy respectively, of the uniform code of military justice. And with the information which Shannon will give to authorities, it will most likely lead to more charges being filed against him during his day in court. But all of this will take some time, so Crow will have some time to think and plan. He’ll use this time wisely.

But until the dust is settled and everything is squared away, Crow needs to be stored somewhere. And the place they decide to store him, because of who was responsible for capturing him, is at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Twin Towers Correctional, also known as the Twin Towers Jail, is the world’s largest jail facility and is operated by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. It’s situated in Downtown L.A. and is about a half-mile from the Criminal Courts building. It’s constructed as a panoptical structure, allowing the Sheriffs Department to view as many inmates as they can with as little staff as possible from a single, centralized location.

With the initial idea behind the Panopticon, it was to create a mental prison inside the inmates in addition to the physical one that they find themselves in.  With how the Panopticon is constructed, all of the prison cells are centered around a single observation deck in the middle with each cell backlit so that the person or persons kept in the cell could be seen at all times by the guards.  In contrast, however, the prisoners are prevented from seeing inside the central observation deck, depriving the inmates of essential information.  This was meant to create uncertainty in the inmates because they didn’t know if they were being watched or not, thus encouraging them to be on their best behavior.  This in turn would allow the prison to cut down on cost my minimizing the number of prison guards that were needed to work at the prison.

But in practice, however, this idea is flawed. This is because it gives to much credit to the prisoners. It implies that people are inherently good, but may need a good slap on the wrist once in awhile. But if people are inherently good, then there is no need for a prison system in the first place, which undermines the whole premise of the Panopticon. And in addition to this, there are individuals who just want to cause trouble, regardless if they are being watched or not. There are also those who just don’t care. But regardless of the original premise or intention, it’s still a smart idea to use a centralized observation deck because it makes it easier to respond to situations from a centralized location because of the easy flow of information compared to scattered locations where communication could be difficult.

And in addition to the Panopticon construction of the jail, the Twin Towers is segregated, with each area housing a different group of people. One area is used to house the general population while another is used for housing gang members. There’s even a housing area for the homosexual population. This is meant for their own protection because otherwise, they would be attacked by the other inmates. And despite the fact that jails are meant for temporary housing, roughly a year, and prisons used for longer stints, there are those who have stayed in the Twin Towers for over a year because of the legal process. After being booked and put into the system, Crow is taken to the high-profile wing of the jail.

Not long after his arrival, Crow has managed to get his hands on some change and one of the payphones that are available in the prison without having to wait. This is due in part to the fact that there are New World Power members already inside the jail and because of sympathetic prison gangs. The prison gang that will most likely help out Crow will be the Aryan Brotherhood.

Prison gangs, such as the Aryan Brotherhood, as well as groups who believe in their ethnic or religious group being superior to every other group, are a mixed bag when it comes to mutants. There are groups who think that mutants are a scourge upon the face of the Earth and should be wiped out on site whereas others view them as examples of why their particular group is superior to all others and should be embraced with open arms, though when it occurs in their hated “other,” it is a corruption of their pure line and should be eradicated without prejudice. And there are others who just see mutants as tools to be taken advantage of to further the goals of their organization and discarded when their goals have been achieved. That is what the Aryan Brotherhood tends to see mutants as, tools to further their goals, which tend not to be racial or ideological, but financial.

It’s because of situations like this that some anti-mutant organizations and their advocates take advantage of to bolster their claims that all mutants should be controlled or exterminated. And to further support their claim, these groups will site the Nazis and the Third Reich. Despite the fact that Nazi scientists conducted horrible experiments on mutants, they also chose the crème of the crop as examples of why Aryans are superior to every other group. But of course, these supposed “ubermenschs” did nothing to help the Nazis win the war or further their claims of Aryan superiority. But those who make the argument connecting mutants with Nazis are just making a false connection and are trying to imply guilt by association.

When Crow is at the payphone, he picks up the receiver and inserts the money into the interface. From there, he goes ahead and makes his call. After a few rings, he hears a man’s voice answer, “Hello?”

“Hey Bobby, its Ken.”

“Hey, boss,” Bobby replies. “How’re you holding up?”

The reason why Crow calls Bobby is because Bobby’s number is the only number Crow can remember off hand at the moment and Crow knows that he can trust Bobby to get things rolling once their conversation has ended.

“As well as one can expect given the circumstances,” Crow says. “How’s everything holding up?”

“Well, things have been in a bit of an uproar since hearing the news of your arrest.”

“Then get things back under control. That’s why there’s a command structure in place; to prevent things from falling apart if something goes wrong.”

“Understood. I’ll get right on top of that. Is there anything in particular you want taken care of?”

“Yes. The first thing we’ll need to take care of is our training program because our current one may have been compromised.”

Crow can kick himself for not thinking of this earlier. Their training facility in the Angeles National Forest is under threat of being exposed. With Shannon turning state evidence, it’s very likely that she’ll talk about the training that she received. Though she was blind folded when she was taken there, it’s very likely that the information she gives will result in the authorities conducting a search of places in the Forest that could most likely be used for training activities. They’ll need to switch locations if the New World Power wishes to continue to train its recruits and protect its trainers located at the camp in the Angeles National Forest. The location in the Mojave Desert will have to do double duty for now until they are able to find an adequate replacement. Luckily, Shannon didn’t say much of anything about the training facility when she first talked to the police and the Marshals. They pretty much just talked about the plot against Congressman De Soto. But there’s the possibility that the training camp will come up and put it into immediate danger.

“Yes, sir,” Bobby replies. “We’ll get right on that.”

“Good. And talk to Thomas. He should know how to proceed, and not only in regards to the training camp.”

This implies that T-Bone is essentially in charge of the New World Power for the time being. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to most of the higher-ups within the New World Power because they suspect that T-Bone is Crow’s chosen successor. And Crow feels like T-Bone has the potential of being a great leader and could be capable of leading his organization, but isn’t quite ready to fill those shoes. That’s why Crow’s been essentially preparing T-Bone for the position. And now, with the situation as it is, it would be a good time to test and see if T-Bone will be able to handle this type of responsibility. If he does well, than Crow will be satisfied in his choice and make T-Bone his official successor. And this is about all that Crow would like to talk about while on the phone, just in case the Sheriffs have these payphones bugged.

“What about Shannon?” Bobby asks. “Should we go after her?”

“No. We don’t have the time or resources to do it. Whatever damage she could do is most likely already done. Let her go. If anything, this is just a temporary setback, nothing more.” If they went after Shannon now, Crow would feel like it would be nothing more than a pyrrhic victory.

“Understood. Is there anything else?”

“No. Besides dealing with what we just talked about, stay the course. If anything arises, you know who to talk to.”


With that, Crow hangs up the phone and the conversation comes to an end.


(c) 2011 Bradley P. Thomas

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An Enemy Within — Chapter Fifty

Chapter 50

Shannon almost didn’t go up.  She was so intent on getting away from the New World Power members who were in the alley that she didn’t think that there might be more members on the other side of the building.  But by the time that she realizes this, she has already begun to step out of the building.  Upon exiting the building, she spots Crow.  Once seeing him, Shannon goes back into the building in a hurry.  However, Crow also spots Shannon as she heads back into the building and gives chase.

Back inside, Shannon notices the stairs and decides to run up them.  But as she starts to ascend, however, Crow has made it to the front door of the building.  As she ascends the stairs, Shannon’s foot actually slips.  This is because she didn’t adequately plant her foot on the step as she was climbing the stairs.  This causes her to fall, hard.  This agitates her already injured arm and shoulder, drawing blood in the process.

After hitting the stairs, Shannon turns to the door and fires her weapon at Crow, getting off a few shots in the process.  These shots weren’t aimed, so they go wild, missing Crow.  However, this action causes Crow to duck and fall back.  As he does this, Shannon manages to get back to her feet and continues to run up the stairs.  Seeing that Shannon is on the move again, Crow continues after her, though he’s weary as he makes his ascent.  He doesn’t want to rush forward and get shot in the head.  He would find that to be an unspectacular end to his life and could have serious consequences for the New World Power.  Even though the New World Power has committed lieutenants, the organization as a whole might not survive his death.  There is the potential that the New World Power would fracture into smaller factions and become less effective, not unlike what happened to Alexander the Great’s empire after his death.  But if the New World Power was able to survive his demise, Crow is concerned that there might be intense internal conflict that could severely weaken the organization, despite his attempt to give it a formal leadership structure.  It would be similar to what happened to Ancient Rome.

After making it upstairs, Shannon needs to find a place to hide.  This is because there is no way for her to make her escape.  The only way for her to get out of here is the way which she just came.  When she does find a place to hide and crawls into it, Crow appears, just missing Shannon.  As Crow makes his way down the corridor, it will take him right past where Shannon is hiding.  Hearing him coming, Shannon places her hand over her mouth in an attempt to remain silent and prevent a sound from escaping at an inappropriate time.

As Crow is making his way down the corridor, he sends out a telepathic message, saying, “Shannon.”  As he passes by her hiding spot, Shannon is able to pick up this message clearly.  This is because the barrier between Crow and Shannon is incomplete, allowing for Crow’s bioelectrical signal to reach her.  The message she receives is non-descriptive.  There’s no gender overtone or personal identification.  This is the essential nature of telepathy; it bypasses the bones of the ear and directly stimulates the auditory region of the brain, nothing more.  This is why the telepathic voice that someone receives “sounds” non-descriptive.  The only way to distinguish the difference between telepathic transmissions from two or more people is essentially by the way the message is sent, nothing else.  After hearing this message, Shannon establishes a mental block to help prevent Crow from detecting her telepathically.  It also prevents her from continually hearing Crow’s message.  As this is going on, Shannon’s heart is pounding away in her chest.  It’s pounding so hard that she can both hear and feel it.  A part of her is also scared that Crow would be able to physically hear her heart beat, it’s pounding so hard.

If Crow had the ability of Heightened Sense of Hearing, he might have.  And despite her attempt to prevent Crow from detecting her mentally, he can still detect her through an ability inherent in all psionics; that of detecting electrical currents.  Though with some psionics, this ability can only be used by conscious choice, it is a passive trait in others.  This trait in its passive form can be compared to the simple act of breathing.  Crow is one of those individuals who use’s this ability passively, as with all true psionics.  But fortunately for Shannon, Crow passes by her location without stopping or slowing down.  This is because Crow is distracted and is in a bit of a hurry.  This prevents him from doing a thorough search of the areas that he passes by.  Because of this, Shannon would be able to take advantage of the situation and could manage to escape.  But before she does, she wants to wait in her hideout for just a little bit longer, just in case Crow is still in her vicinity and would be able to spot her.  As she waits, Shannon hears something in the distance.  Sirens.  The police are on their way, and it appears that they are coming in force.  This comes as a bit of a relief for Shannon.  Safety is on its way and she can reach it if she can just get out of the building.  All that she needs to do is get away from Crow.

Refocusing her attention, Shannon listens to her immediate surroundings to determine if Crow is still in the area.  She doesn’t hear anything, but this is meaningless in-and-of itself.  Her immediate thought is that Crow has moved on, but this could be misleading.  He could have just stopped, being distracted by the sirens outside.  Either way, Shannon decides that now would be a good time for her to make her escape.  However, she runs the risk of being spotted by Crow, which would mean that she wouldn’t have a choice but to run in that situation. Shannon ventures a peak from her hiding place.  From what she can tell, the coast is clear.  At this, she decides to make a break for it, leaving the gun behind in the process.  However, once Shannon reaches the stairs, Crow spots her and quickly gives chase.

As Shannon descends the stairs, Crow does what he can to catch up with her.  This includes taking two steps at a time as he descends the stairs to help close the distance.  Once Shannon is within his psionic range, Crow uses bio-manipulation: stun on her.  Though not as exact or direct as bio-manipulation: paralysis, bio-manipulation: stun is still an effective tool, particularly in the given situation.  This is because Crow doesn’t have to think about a particular attack.  This is due to the nature of bio-manipulation: stun.  It’s a broad neurological strike meant to jar the target more than anything else.  And at the moment, that’s all he needs to do; stop Shannon from making any further progress.  If bio-manipulation: stun causes her to collapse and fall down the stairs, that’ll be fine as well because even though she’ll still continue to descend the stairs, it won’t be because of free will, but simple gravity.  Fortunately for Shannon, despite feeling the effects of Crow’s attack, she’s able to keep enough of herself to continue down the stairs on her own and head out the front door.  Caught up in the moment, Crow follows Shannon outside, right into the waiting arms of law enforcement.

Once outside, Crow stops in his tracks, with Shannon just outside of his reach.  Though there is a chance that he could escape if he turns heel and ran back through the building, the chances of him succeeding are very slim.  He knows that the police aren’t allowed to shoot at him unless he is armed and presents an immediate threat to the safety of the officers or to bystanders, but the situation is still lost.  And there are too many of them present for him to be able to fend them off.  So he decides that the best course of action is to surrender.  How he sees it, any other action would be futile as well as cowardly.  It’s important to know when one has been defeated.  He is surrounded by police as they shepherd Shannon away to safety.  So he surrenders to police without incident.  Sometimes, it’s best to surrender than to continue fighting and going out in a blaze of glory, despite what the cultural standards might say.  You can do more good living for a cause than dying for it.  And taking this path can take greater courage to fulfill than one might think and only fools and the weak minded will think otherwise.  With that, the police move in and arrest the leader of the New World Power.


(c) 2011 Bradley P. Thomas

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An Enemy Within — Chapter Forty Nine

Chapter 49

With the front door now closed, Shannon makes her way down the front pathway to the street. Once she reaches the curb, she looks in both directions to see which way she should go. Seeing what is available, Shannon turns in the direction that she believes will lead her to a major intersection. As she makes her way down the street, holding her injured arm against her as she does, she feels nervous and uncomfortable. This it due to the fact that she’s concerned about being spotted by the New World Power as well as the fact that she is in an unfamiliar neighborhood. This actually makes her a target for local thugs and bullies because her discomfort is expressed through her body language and through her lack of confidence. Her behavior can also draw the attention of more nefarious individuals.

As Shannon makes her way down the street, she eventually comes across some commercial buildings at what appears to be a busy intersection. As she approaches the intersection, she notices that one of the buildings has a payphone on it. At this, she wonders how many payphones are still in existence around L.A. nowadays due to the high volume of cell phones in use. But regardless of how many cell phones come into use, there will, or at least there should, be a need for public payphones because of situations like this; an emergency situation where a person doesn’t have a cell phone handy and other types of phones aren’t available.

But regardless of how many payphones are left in existence, there’s one here now and that’s all that Shannon cares about. She goes up to it and calls the police. It’s a good thing that the emergency contact number is free. Otherwise, Shannon would be screwed because she doesn’t have any change on her. She doesn’t even have any form of ID. Everything was left at the hospital in her mad dash to leave. If she knew that the situation was going to develop as it has, she would have tried to prepare for it. Too bad clairvoyance doesn’t actually exist. What a shame.

Making it through to 911 dispatch, Shannon hears the operator say, “911 emergency. How can I be of assistance?”

“Hi. My name is Shannon Brown and I’ve been kidnapped,” she says in a bit of a panic.

“Okay. Where are you now?”

Shannon looks around and tells the operator the intersecting streets.

“Okay Ms. Brown. I’ve notified the police and they’ll be sending someone to your location immediately. What’s your current situation?”

“I’m at a payphone. I managed to escape just a few minutes ago. But there are people who are still after me.”

“I know you’re scared, but just stay where you are and the police will be there shortly.”

But unfortunately for Shannon, so will the New World Power. They have members who listen to the emergency band frequencies through devices like police scanners for situations just like this one. When they hear Shannon’s name and her current location, the person listening to the scanner contacts those in the field and send them to that location. Not long after initially making the call, a squad car comes pulling up to Shannon’s location with sirens blaring. It must have been in the area in order for it to arrive so quickly. With the squad car here, Shannon lets the operator know that a squad car has arrived and then hangs up.

“Are you Shannon Brown?” one of the officers asks as he gets out of the car.

“Yes,” Shannon replies with some pep in her voice.

“Ok. I’m Officer John Henry and this is Officer Calloway. Can you tell me what happened?”

As Shannon is talking to the officers, a van comes rolling up to the location. As it passes by, it slows down to see if the woman the police are talking to is Shannon. Confident that it is, it comes to a stop and the side door opens up with armed individuals coming out. Seeing this unfold, Shannon realizes what’s going to happen, so she turns on her heals and begins to run. Before the officers have a chance to process what is going on, the members from the New World Power open fire, taking down both officers. One officer will die on the scene while the other has a chance of survival if medical assistance arrives on time.

As she runs, Shannon makes her way down an alleyway with one of the New World Power members chasing her. At the mouth of the alley, the New World Power member raises his weapon and takes a shot. But in his haste, he doesn’t properly aim, causing him to strike a homeless person instead of his intended target. When Shannon hears the gunfire, she instinctively ducks behind some material located in the alley. After ducking, Shannon looks around and happens to see a rear entrance to one of the buildings close to her and she makes a quick dash for it. As she makes her move, the New World Power member takes another shot, but misses.

Once through the door, Shannon rushes through the building and exits out of its front door. Once on the street, she makes a hard turn and begins to run along the sidewalk. As she runs, Shannon does so away from where she met the police and where the New World Power began shooting at her. If the sidewalk was really crowded, it would be a good idea for her to stop running and blend in with the crowd. However, this isn’t the case, so stopping would be a really bad idea. And at the moment, Shannon is too pumped and caught up in the situation for her to do anything other than just run.

Following just behind Shannon are two of the New World Power members, each one of them armed. The third member of this trio stayed with the van so that he could follow her in the vehicle. And in his attempt to plan ahead, he actually got ahead of Shannon in an attempt to cut her off. This is due in part to relatively light traffic on the street and his thought that Shannon would continue to run down the alley, not through the buildings.

After running down the sidewalk for several yards, ignoring the pain that exists in her arm and shoulder, Shannon decides to cut across the street. It’s not until she begins to cross the street that the New World Power members who are on foot come out of the building, and it takes them a moment to spot her. And with the member in the van, he doesn’t spot her until she begins to head behind the van. When he spots her, it is in his side view mirror. He doesn’t recognize her at first, but when she comes across on the other side of the van, something clicks in the driver’s head, causing him to stop the van. Recognizing her, the driver curses himself for not being more attentive.

It’s when the van comes to an abrupt stop that Shannon makes the connection that this is the van that the New World Power is using to come after her. It’s also at this point that the other New World Power members begin to cross the street. But as they do, Shannon heads into the buildings on the other side in an attempt to make it to another alleyway. The driver of the van follows Shannon’s progress and notifies his fellow New World Power members on where to go. With this information, the two of them make their way after her, eventually making it into another alleyway. Upon reaching it, they find it deserted with no sign of their target.

The two New World Power members look at each other and give some quick hand-jesters, indicating that they should head in opposite directions so that they can better search for their target. Hiding behind a dumpster, Shannon is trying to make herself as small as possible. She also wishes that there is something handy like a pipe or loose table leg for her to use as a protective instrument. But no such luck. She is entirely self-reliant. And even if there was something available for her to use, she’s not too sure how effective she would be because of her injured arm.

She would also like to know where her pursuers are. She wishes that she would be able to use one of her psionic abilities to detect them, but she isn’t powerful enough to do so. They are too far away. Not even Crow would be able to detect them psionically. It’s just how psionic abilities work. Entertainment venues such as movies, television, and comics have glorified psionics, making them out to be more powerful than they really are. Reality is a different story, even though Shannon wishes otherwise right about now.

Because of this, Shannon has to peer out from behind the dumpster in order to see where they are. As she sneaks a peak from her location, she manages to see one of her pursuers. Seeing him, Shannon quickly ducks back to her hidey-hole. From what she can tell, only one of them is coming her way. This means that she has to only worry about one person at the moment. This makes it easier for Shannon because she only needs to fend off one person when she makes her move. She can worry about the other person later.

As the New World Power member makes his way down the alley, he approaches the dumpster wearily. He has to be on his guard in situations like this because people might get the drop on him if he wasn’t. But despite one’s best efforts, people can still get the drop on you. As the New World Power member approaches Shannon’s location, she uses telepathic transmission on him to essentially yell within his head. This disorients him enough for Shannon to punch the man in the face. The double surprise of being mentally yelled at and being punched in the face causes him to loosen his grip on his gun, allowing Shannon to take it from him. The man, however, manages to regain enough of himself to go after Shannon after she takes his gun. But before he is able to do anything, he gets shot by Shannon. But since Shannon is inexperienced with handling guns, even after receiving her New World Power training, she drops it after shooting him.

Hearing the commotion, the second New World Power member turns around in time to see his compatriot go down. In addition to this, he sees the gun drop from Shannon’s hands. Seeing this, the second New World Power member raises his weapon and takes aim. Before Shannon is able to re-obtain the gun, the second New World Power member is able to get a shot off. Fortunately for Shannon, she sees the second member raise his weapon and is able to duck back behind the dumpster before he is able to fire. After hearing the weapon discharge, and not hearing another shot being fired, Shannon quickly moves forward in order to reacquire the dropped gun.

After firing, the second New World Power member rushes forward. But as he makes it around the dumpster, Shannon is waiting for him, shooting him in the shoulder and causing him to drop. With him down, Shannon quickly moves to take the gun away from him. As she does this, the van turns the corner and makes its way into the alley. Seeing this, Shannon runs back into one of the buildings.

In addition to these three individuals going after Shannon, there are other New World Power members roaming the streets looking for her. One of them is Crow. Since he wasn’t able to finish the job at the hospital, maybe now will be the opportunity for him to finish it. Crow can be compared to a field commander; a high ranking officer who commands, not from a distance, but from the frontlines. He’s not afraid to get out into the fray of things with his subordinates. And since the New World Power is a relatively young and developing organization, it needs its members to be as effective as possible, and that means taking on multiple roles. However, there are situations where exceptions are made because of the job or task that has been assigned.

When word comes out on Shannon’s location, Crow isn’t too far away. Once hearing of her location, Crow makes his way there as quickly as possible. He’s also in communication with the driver of the van, so he’s been informed of what is going on. When Crow arrives at the location, it’s at the same time that Shannon has left the alley and has entered one of the buildings. What Crow needs to do now is to just wait for Shannon to come bursting from one of the buildings and into the street.

When Shannon went into the building, it was possibly the best thing she could have done. It takes her out of the alley and eliminates the van as a possible threat. If she stayed in the alleyway, there wasn’t too much for her to do and allowed the van to easily overtake her. With being in the building, it gives Shannon some options. She can run through the building and exit out on the other side, or she could do something inside the building, such as hide. Since there is an internal stairwell, that is another option available to her. All she needs to do is figure out what to do.


(c) 2011 Bradley P. Thomas

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An Enemy Within — Chapter Forty Eight

Chapter 48

Even though a new day has dawned, Shannon still faces the same problems as she did yesterday. She is being falsely imprisoned in a private residence with the New World Power still looking to kill her. If anything, the situation has become worse over the past twenty-four hours or so because she is no longer under the protection of the authorities. She remembers talking to a friend of hers who was in the Marine Corps who said that “problem” is one of four words that should be removed from ones vocabulary. The other three are “worry,” “try,” and “hate.” What he was getting at is the principle which they represent, as well as the mindset they create. Otherwise, they are just a hindrance to forward progress.

But she’s having trouble applying this philosophy at the moment. There’s so much going on right now that she feels overwhelmed. She also doesn’t see too many options available to her at the moment, and none of them seem pleasant. She is trapped and no matter what she decides, Shannon would feel like she would receive the short end of the stick. She wonders how she got herself into this mess. A part of her mind thinks that now would be the time for her to be noble, that she should stand up and say “enough is enough.” But this is due to cultural training, and who’s to say what is noble or not? And being noble is a thing that is fine in principle but can be hard to put into practice. It’s more of an abstract idea than anything else. In this context, Shannon has to do what is best for her instead of living up to some cultural ideal. And only in reflection can her actions be determined if they are noble or not.

With modern society, nobility is seen as doing the right thing that is greater than oneself. But this is an artificial benchmark that developed over time with no pre-set list of principles or guiding rules. Historically, nobility pertained to a social class that was romanticized over time by people who were looking back upon it with fondness. It was part of a bygone era that people feel connected to. When people think of nobility, they think of knights and their code of conduct. But what they fail to realize is that knights were already apart of the Second Estate and the code that governed their actions pertained only to tournaments and social life among themselves, nothing more. In addition to this, culture pertained only to the upper class and could only be experienced by a refined person who was well off. Essentially, it was something only found with the aristocracy and had nothing to do with how a group of people interpreted the world around them. How noble is that?

But whatever the implications of future social judgments may be, Shannon needs to do something to take control of the situation. If she doesn’t, then everyone else will be making the decisions for her, and this is something that she doesn’t want to happen. She wants to be the one who is in control of her life. Arriving at this decision, Shannon just needs to figure out how to go about doing it. This starts with her getting out of her current predicament. Coming to this conclusion, Shannon makes her way to the bedroom door so that she can peer out into the hallway. Once she is able to look into the hallway, she sees that Alex is making his way up the stairs. Seeing this, Shannon quickly closes the door behind her, trying not to slam it as she does.

What next? What options are available to her? Should she grab something to try and knock Alex out? But what if that fails? Then what? And what about her injured arm and shoulder? She doesn’t think that they could handle the stress of an attack if she tried one. And besides, she still has feelings of friendship toward Alex, despite what he is currently doing to her. In addition to this, he is helping out the healing process. Though it won’t be pretty, the injuries will be healed that much faster. The only downside to the whole thing is the buildup of scar tissue in the injured areas, which will impair her overall range of movement. This could only be taken care of by physical therapy, something that she won’t be able to receive in her current situation. So Shannon decides that the best course of action for her to take is to go back to bed. Once she does, Alex knocks on the door and then comes walking in. From there, they exchange a few words followed by Alex using his ability. As he is using Laying of Hands, the woman comes back into the room with a hearty meal in hand.

When Alex finishes treating Shannon for the moment, it allows Shannon to start eating her meal to satisfy her increased appetite. Laying of Hands is a unique ability. Generally speaking, having an extraordinary ability will only cause the user to enter an energy intensive activity, which requires only the user to need to consume more calories. But with Laying of Hands, it also causes the recipient of the ability to enter an energy intensive activity as well due to the accelerated healing process it causes the patient to enter into. During the natural healing process, the body needs more fuel in order to fix itself and repair or rebuild damaged areas. Laying of Hands just causes this natural process to step it up a notch, which in turn causes the patient to need more calories and have a greater appetite.

On the tray in front of her, there is a mound of pancakes, a generous helping of scrambled eggs, and a good amount of bacon, some still greasy from the frying pan. In addition to this, there’s Log Cabin Lite syrup and a container of ketchup. Shannon coats the pancakes with syrup and essentially drowns the eggs in ketchup, making short work of her breakfast. Besides receiving Laying of Hands, a part of Shannon’s hunger could be a leftover from yesterday. Her adrenaline level was elevated because of what was going on around her. But now that the threat has past and she is fully rested, her body has returned to homeostasis and reminds Shannon of the importance of eating.

But despite this, Shannon probably consumed more food than was absolutely necessary. This is due to the fact that there is a signal delay between the stomach and the brain. This delay in communication could be due to human evolution. For most of human history, humanity didn’t have a ready supply of food available to them. It wasn’t until recently, about the past two hundred years or so, that food a plenty became easily available, at least to most of those in the developed world. This caused humanity to face periods of regular starvation in their daily lives. As a result, when humanity came across food surpluses, they would gorge themselves in order to develop fat reserves in preparation for future periods of starvation. And if there was a delay between the stomach and the brain for when the stomach became full, it would allow for more food to be consumed, similar to the feast and famine technique used by sharks. For those who possessed this trait, natural selection tended to favor those individuals over those who lacked it, giving them a greater chance of producing offspring.

But even though she ate more food than was necessary, because of the generous helpings the woman provided, Shannon wasn’t able to finish her meal. As Shannon was eating her breakfast, Alex and the woman took their leave, allowing Shannon to be alone with her thoughts. This allowed her to contemplate on how to get out of here; out of the house, out of the situation, and back to those who would be able to adequately protect her. Eventually, the woman returns to check in on Shannon. As she does, she takes the unfinished food away. When she looks at the unfinished food, the woman remembers the phrase, “There are people starving in China.” Whenever she hears this phrase, she thinks that it’s one of the silliest things she ever heard. She suspects that this phrase developed during the Great Depression in an attempt to prevent children from wasting their food, but she can’t be sure about the time period. But however, forcing children to eat something when they are already full is just as wasteful. If there are people starving in China, there’s nothing anyone can do about it after a meal was prepared for the family. It’s just stupid. And haven’t they heard of leftovers?

With the woman gone, Shannon quickly gets out of bed and makes her way to the door. Opening it up just a crack, she sees the woman heading down the stairs. From there, Shannon closes the door as quickly and quietly as possible and makes her way over to the window. Once there, she pulls back the shades and looks down at the street. From the window, she sees Alex making his way down the walkway followed by him getting into his car. He can’t stay behind for multiple reasons. First, he still has to earn a paycheck. Second, there’s the possibility that Alex has to talk to the police in order to get his story straight around what happened at the hospital. Finally, there wouldn’t be anything for him to do if he just stayed behind. He tends to get antsy if he doesn’t have anything to do. That’s one reason why Alex went into nursing; so that he’ll always be kept busy. Even if there is a lull in activity, he can always just do rounds.

This is her chance. Shannon figures that if she doesn’t seize the moment, it will slip through her fingers and it will be lost. So she decides to take it. From the window, Shannon makes her way to the door and cautiously opens it. Not seeing anyone, she starts making her way down the upstairs hallway, leaving the bedroom door open just in case she needs to hurry back. As she makes her way down the hallway, Shannon is concerned that there might be other people in the house besides the woman. She even passes by a table that has pictures on it. The pictures consist of children as well as the woman in the arms of a man, presumably her husband. The pictures of the children vary in age, but from what Shannon can tell, they all have grown up and have moved on with their lives. She’s hoping that none of them are still living in the house or have stopped by to visit for awhile. Fortunately, she hasn’t come across anyone by the time that she reached the top of the stairs. But that doesn’t mean that someone won’t come out of nowhere at an inopportune time and stop her.

Before Shannon heads down the stairs, she leans over the banister in an attempt to determine where the woman is. She hears what sounds like conversation coming from the front room next to the front door, accompanied by what sounds like canned laughter and applause. Shannon determines that the TV is on, but can’t tell if there’s anyone in the front room at the moment. She also hears what sounds like some activity going on in the kitchen. It’s most likely the woman cleaning up after Shannon’s breakfast.

As Shannon begins to move down the hallway toward the staircase, the woman comes walking down the entry hall from the kitchen toward the front room. Seeing her, Shannon quickly moves back behind the wall and prepares to reenter the bedroom if the case calls for it. But fortunately for Shannon, the woman doesn’t come up the stairs. Instead, she enters the front room. But before Shannon makes her move toward the staircase, she peers around the corner to make sure that the coast is clear. Seeing that it is, Shannon starts making her way down.

Not wanting to make any unnecessary noise and draw attention to herself, Shannon cautiously makes her way down the stairs, listening for any changes in noise from the front room. She also looks around to make sure that no one else comes out of an unforeseen area and surprises her. In addition to this, she’s checking out possible hiding spots for herself if the situation calls for her to move quickly and hide. Once Shannon makes it to the bottom of the stairs, she starts making her way to the front door. But before she does, Shannon peers into the front room to see if it’s safe for her to cross to the front door.

As she peers in, Shannon sees the woman sitting in a chair, watching TV, with her back to the entry hall. Shannon also sees that the woman is the only person in the front room. Determining that it is safe for her to cross, Shannon makes her way to the front door. As she does, one of the floorboards creaks under her weight. Hearing the sound, Shannon pulls back, removing her weight from the floorboard and hesitates. Not seeing any indication that the woman heard, Shannon cautiously continues forward, making sure that she doesn’t cause the floor to creak again. Safely making it to the door, Shannon unlocks it and exits, effectively succeeding in her bid to escape.


(c) 2011 Bradley P. Thomas

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