Extraordinary Traits and Abilities – Accelerated Healing Ability

18 May

What is found in this entry is one of the “superpowers” that I have described in “A Case Study on Genetic Aberrations and Adaptations as Observed in Individuals with Extraordinary Traits and Abilities.”  I put superpowers in quotations in the previous sentence because in the universe for which this ability exists, as well as all other of the other traits and abilities found in the case study, can be seen as the weaker, distant cousins of the superpowers that we are all familiar with.  In addition to this, I try and base the traits and abilities found in the case study on known and proper science.  So with that said, enjoy.


Accelerated Healing Ability
With this ability, it provides the individual with an increased recuperative capability as well as an ability to fight off diseases and infections. This ability is based off of the individual’s natural healing ability. The body, when injured, will do what it can to fix itself and this ability is nothing more than an accelerated version of this natural bodily tendency. As a result, the individual with this ability can repair damage and fight off disease at a faster rate than the average human being.
With the fighting off of disease, the individual’s bone marrow generates a greater level of lymphocytes. With the repairing of damaged tissues, the swelling that accompanies such injuries tends to be reduced, allowing for the healing process to begin earlier, reducing the time it takes for the tissue to repair itself. If the injury is shallow enough, spontaneous regeneration has been noted to occur.
In addition to this, the individual possesses a higher level of metabolism then the average human being accompanied by over activity of the individual’s adult stem cells to help in the healing process. In addition to this, there is a high level of scar control, reducing the visible signs of injury after healing accompanied by the amount of scar tissue produced. And with the autonomic nervous system, it plays a role in the function of healing with the average human being. With those that possess this ability, their autonomic nervous system performs at a level not found in the average human being.
A side effect of this ability is that it retards the aging process of the individual, prolonging the individual’s lifespan. At the time being, there isn’t enough information to determine how long an individual with this ability is able to live. But what is known is that some kind of mutation affects the telomeres, preventing the shortening of the telomeres as compared to others, resulting in less errors and better replication. And in documented cases, individuals with this ability are also prone to suffering from autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune disease is when the immune system attacks healthy issue. With this ability, because it amps up the healing process, it also inadvertently increases the chances that the immune system will attack healthy tissue.


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