Extraordinary Traits and Abilities – Abnormal Bodily Discharge: Tar/Ashalt

11 May

What is found in this entry is one of the “superpowers” that I have described in “A Case Study on Genetic Aberrations and Adaptations as Observed in Individuals with Extraordinary Traits and Abilities.”  I put superpowers in quotations in the previous sentence because in the universe for which this ability exists, as well as all other of the other traits and abilities found in the case study, can be seen as the weaker, distant cousins of the superpowers that we are all familiar with.  In addition to this, I try and base the traits and abilities found in the case study on known and proper science.  So with that said, enjoy.


Abnormal Bodily Discharge: Tar/Asphalt
With this ability, it allows the individual to secrete tar or asphalt from his or her body. What allows this to occur is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH). What allows PAH to form in the body in the first place, and allow this ability to work, is through the ingestion of certain food stuffs, most commonly in the form of cereals, oils, and fats, though it can be obtained through the consumption of vegetables and cooked meats as well, though in much smaller amounts. Whenever the individual encounters other sources of PAH’s, this ability allows the individual to absorb the material, preferably through ingestion. This is because ingestion is the most effective means of absorbing it, even if the PAH’s source is toxic. Once the PAH is absorbed, it is stored within the body for future use, though it will eventually be expelled from the body if not used by the individual.
When this ability is used, any object that comes into contact with the individual will adhere to the individual wherever it lands or comes into contact. And the thicker that the tar/asphalt is, the harder it is to remove the item from the individual. In addition to this, any object that is light enough can be placed onto the individual without it falling off. This ability can also be used to stick two objects together or to cause a person to become stuck to a particular surface, preventing the person from moving or discarding an item. It can also be used to mucky up firearms and to prevent them from firing or otherwise from working properly.
And when the situation calls for it, this ability can allow the individual to use it as a sealant or to throw globs of tar or asphalt at a target. There’s also the possibility that it can be used to help the individual to climb up a surface. And if the individual is walking barefoot while using this ability, he or she can leave a sticky trail behind them, which the individual is typically immune to. This is because the individual can generate more tar/asphalt on their feet to separate themselves from the surface that he or she is traversing.
This ability also provides partial protection to the individual from the cold and the heat. However, if the cold temperature is great enough, it can cause the tar/asphalt to thicken and harden, reducing the individual’s overall speed and movement. Finally, because of the effects of PAH, this ability can cause the person who possesses it to have a lower level of intelligence then found in the average person. However, further study is needed to be sure about this correlation.


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