Xerek Files: Entry Number Twenty Three – [Next Evolutionary Step]

24 Apr

Evolution is one of many invisible forces that are in existence in the world. It is a natural force that is always in effect and it always marches forward, having its effect upon every species alive as manifested through every generation born. In addition to this, evolution is also an adaptive force that allows for any given species to become better suited to the environment that it lives in. So, whenever the environment changes, so must the species in question in order for it to survive. If it fails to do so, then the species in question will become extinct.
As a result, evolution will select the best traits, abilities, and characteristics present within any given species that will best aide the species to reproduce and best survive in the environment. Because of this, it may give the illusion that it can go into retrograde as represented by the disappearance and then reappearance of certain traits, abilities, and characteristics. This is, however, inaccurate. And with its operation, some think that it works through gradual evolution while others think that it operates through punctuated evolution. With gradual evolution, it is a claim that states that evolution proceeds through slow and gradual change while with punctuated evolution, it is a claim that states that change occurs quickly within a population but it otherwise remains stagnant for the rest of the time. But regardless of the details, evolution still effects all life that exists.
In addition to this, there are those who claim that evolution is directional; that it has a particular goal in mind. With this perspective, even if it is an unstated and unrecognized one, is that Homo sapiens represent the epitome of evolution and what it can produce. However, this perspective is inaccurate because it can be applied to every species that is still in existence because each species is best suited for the conditions that it finds itself in. However, there are still those who hold to the idea that Homo sapiens are at the apex of the evolutionary ladder or are influenced by the concept. Because of this, these individuals also hold on to the perspective that those who possess extraordinary traits and abilities represent the next step in human evolution. This can be due, in part, to the fact that a number of extraordinary traits and abilities can be seen as enhancements of already existing traits and characteristics found within humanity while others can be seen as protective measures that are meant to protect the individual, and thus, his or her continued survival which in turn can be beneficial for the species as a whole.
In regards to the extraordinary traits and abilities that can be seen as enhancements of already existing traits and abilities, they can be seen as natural extensions of what can already be found within the species. This is generally accompanied by the idea that these extraordinary traits and abilities are just the results of evolution ramping up the naturally occurring traits and characteristics already found within the species to levels that are simply above the current norm found within human beings. And in both perspective and in fact, if these extraordinary traits and abilities are allowed to continue to persist, then they will eventually spread to the rest of the population, causing them to become typical traits and characteristics of the species, thus no longer making them extraordinary. In regards to the other extraordinary traits and abilities that have been documented, however, they can be seen as genetic aberrations that manifest due to an odd string of genetic coincidences that don’t provide much of a survival advantage to the individual who possesses them. As a result, they’re not guaranteed to persist within the species beyond that of the occasional genetic aberration.
In regards to the idea that extraordinary traits and abilities provide some form of survival advantage to those who possess them, this concept is correct for the extraordinary traits and abilities that are based off of what are already found within Homo sapiens. Even with some of the extraordinary traits and abilities that are seen as being more exotic in nature or aren’t based off of naturally occurring traits and abilities found within humanity, they have the potential of providing some form of survival advantage to those who possess them. If this is the case, then the question becomes, at what cost? Would the benefits that the particular extraordinary trait or characteristic in question outweigh the potential detriment of possessing it in the first place?
However, the idea that those who possess extraordinary traits and abilities constitute the “next step in evolution” is incorrect. As stated before, evolution is not directional in nature and it doesn’t have any endgame or final objective in mind. If anything, evolution can be perceived as a journey that all species undertake as they adapt to the conditions that they find themselves in as they do what they can to survive. Evolution doesn’t care about the destination. Its only concern is the survival of the species in question, and if a species is incapable of adequately adapting to the situation at hand, or is otherwise incapable of satisfying what evolution is asking of it, then that particular species will die off.
In the end, it is all about perspective. As any given species develops and evolves, new traits and characteristics will form and develop, typically in the form of mutations. Even though most of the mutations that occur will be neutral in nature, not providing any form of benefit or detriment to the individual in question, there will be mutations that occur that will be either positive or negative. If the mutation is positive, then it will provide some level of survival advantage to the individual and will have the possibility of being passed down to the next generation and then propagate throughout the species. But if the mutation is negative, then it will have a detrimental effect upon the individual who possesses it, discouraging that particular individual’s survival, reducing the chances that the mutation in question will be passed on to the next generation. Evolution is just the guiding factor that determines the nature of the mutation in question. As a result, it can cause people to conclude that evolution is heading down a particular path and is aiming for a particular end though this is inaccurate. Evolution just is. As a result, humanity, like every other species in existence, is just along for the ride.

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