Xerek Files: Entry Number Twenty One – [Legacy of Cain]

20 May

Religion has been around for almost as long as Homo sapiens have existed.  It’s even possible that religion has its origins with the previous species of Homo before modern humans have evolved.  As a result, religion has had an effect upon human evolution and development.  They have even helped to shape civilizations and empires.  In the Western World, the dominate religions are the three Abrahamic religions.  As a result, there are those who turn to these religions and their accompanying holy texts as a means to explain how and why extraordinary traits and abilities form and develop.  Among these individuals, there are those who turn to the Mark of Cain as a means to explain this as well as to explain how extraordinary traits and abilities are unnatural and unholy.

With the Bible, it never explains exactly what this Mark looks like or what it is.  All that it says is that God gave Cain a mark as a means of telling everyone not to kill the oldest son of Adam.  The supporters of the claim that extraordinary traits and abilities are connected with the Mark of Cain never describe what the Mark looks like either, but they do connect extraordinary traits and abilities with Cain in one form or another.  This is because of the fact that, at times, extraordinary traits and abilities manifest themselves with easily visible indicators telling the world that this individual possesses extraordinary traits and abilities.  And since the Mark of Cain was an easily visible sign telling people who laid eyes on Cain not to kill him, it allows these individuals to make the connection between extraordinary traits and abilities with the Mark of Cain.

As a result of this connection, a legend has developed and is going around that says Cain was the first mutant to exist on Earth and that it is from him that all extraordinary traits and abilities originate.  There are some who even think that besides receiving his Mark, a part of Cain’s curse was to become immortal for no one, not even Death itself, would dare strike him down.  With this idea, there are mixed opinions regarding his current physical condition with some claiming that he retains his health and vigor while others claim that over time, he has become decrepit and weak but yet continues to live on.

With this legend, through a number of different relationships, it allowed for Cain’s curse to be passed down from one generation to the next, allowing for the propagation and manifestation of extraordinary traits and abilities in others and to spread among the population.  However, there are some who claim that there were people who actually killed Cain, either deliberately or inadvertently, and as a result, became subject to God’s wrath for violating his decree not to kill Cain.  As a punishment for this, God cursed these individuals by causing them to possess and manifest extraordinary traits and abilities.

But regardless of the details or exactly what story the person subscribes to, proponents of this idea claim that all extraordinary traits and abilities, past, present, and future, stem from Cain as a result of him killing his brother.  As a result of this, in these individuals’ eyes, it makes those who possess extraordinary traits and abilities unholy and unnatural, and thus, must be dealt with using appropriate measures to correct the situation and to help protect humanity as a whole, or at least God’s faithful, from the dangers that these individuals pose.  There are even those who claim that doing so is meant to protect the human soul.  But regardless of the details, some believe that acts of violence, ritual exorcisms, or other such actions are the best means of dealing with the situation.  Otherwise, the threat continues to exist and if allowed to go unabated, will condemn all of humanity to the pits of perdition.

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