Xerek Files: Entry Number Eight – [Psionic Scholars]

30 Aug

With the existence of people with extraordinary traits and abilities, there are those who become fascinated with such individuals.  As a result, they begin to study and follow them.  However, most of these people tend to see individuals with extraordinary traits and abilities more as curiosities than anything else, and when these individuals conduct their research, it tends to lack any formal structure to it.  They tend to just read up on them from any source they come across without engaging in any type of critical thinking or scrutiny.  If they come across something that they find interesting, these individuals will tend to accept it without question and to further build upon it, causing them to stray even further from the original source material.  And the more fantastical the ability appears, the more interest it tends to draw.  And if they come across something that is counter to or discredits their position and claims, it will either get discarded or forgotten.

One such group of individuals is known as Psionic Scholars and they focus their time and energy upon individuals with psionic abilities.  For these individuals, psionics possess a level of mysticism that isn’t present in other individuals with extraordinary traits and abilities.  This is due in part to the fact that the human brain isn’t fully understood by science and is even less understood by people who aren’t neurologists, neuroscientists, or have otherwise spent time understanding the brain or how it works, like psychiatrists or psychologists.  For the Psionic Scholar, psionic abilities come from deep within each individual that possesses it and is powered from some force that is beyond each individual psionic.  They claim that their abilities have to be powered by some outside or otherworldly source.

For the Psionic Scholar, the true source that empowers psionics is the fundamental power that exists and comes from another realm; a realm that is of pure thought.  And it is some form of connection with this other realm, that they consider another plane, as the means of empowerment for the psionic.  Some psionics even believe this to be true.  This is due to the fact that they find the arguments of Psionic Scholars to be persuasive, don’t fully understand their ability, or think that it can be the only explanation available to describe how their abilities work.

According to Psionic Scholars, this realm of pure thought comes out of, and is somewhat dependent upon, the mind of every single sentient being from across the universe.  This ranges from far-flung species from other galaxies to species found on Earth, including chimps and dolphins.  Claims have even been made that ant colonies and bee hives are also a part of this larger picture as well.  Some even claim that this sentience existed with the creation of the universe and intelligent, sentient creatures, like human beings, came forth from this.  But regardless of the situation, proponents believe that it is from this realm which psionics draw from in order to power their abilities.  As a result, psionics possess a greater level of sentience then other human beings.  And because of this greater sentience, according to the Psionic Scholars, is why psionics are more prone to having more vivid dreams.  It is from this position that the realm of pure thought is also known as the Plane of Dreams.  But according to proper research, the possible reason why psionics have more vivid dreams than the average person is due to how their brains are wired and not because of some supernatural realm or force.

According to believers, since this realm consists of pure thought, it is a realm where pure reason is able to reside, allowing for intellect and logic to manifest itself utterly unmanned by emotion.  It is from this absence of emotion, accompanied by the fact that this plane is formed from pure reason, is where Psionic Scholars claim that psionic abilities come from and that it is from this realm that the underlying force and principle for psionic powers reside.  And within this realm, creatures reside and can have a direct effect upon the universe.  It is through these beings that allow the force to be channeled and allow a connection to actually be formed.  Some people even claim that they are able to directly communicate with these creatures from the realm of pure reason.  But because they are of pure reason and thought, ordinary people are unable to communicate or otherwise connect with these beings.  Only those who possess psionic abilities can do so.  And according to these claims, the word psionic is used very loosely and encompasses individuals who actually possess psionic abilities, psionics, and those who just think that they do, psychics.  And according to claims, since these beings consist of pure thought, they cannot be perceived in their true form.  This is because individuals from our plane can’t comprehend such beings when we “visit” their realm.  According to claims, when we perceive these beings, they appear as forms of perfect geometric shapes.

On the other hand, other Psionic Scholars counter that instead of pure thought, this is a realm of utter madness.  For these individuals, they call this plane of existence the Far Realm and psionics are the denizens of this plane.  They believe that psionics are aberrant creatures consisting of nightmares that have been given physical form upon visiting the mortal realm.  As a result of this claim, psionics are an active threat to other creatures and possibly to existence itself.  If you believe that nightmares have been given form, wouldn’t you perceive them as a threat as well?  It is from this perception that leads people to hold hostilities toward individuals with psionic abilities.

Most of these claims regarding individuals with psionic abilities hold to the traditional idea that their power comes from another plane of existence that is outside of our universe.  But there are those who break from this tradition and say that this plane doesn’t exist outside of the cosmos but actually exists within it.  According to this claim, this plane of existence is twisted and deformed.  This is because it has to fit within the universe itself and is also a byproduct of simply coming into existence.  And since it exists within our universe, it resembles the universe that we perceive around us in a lot of similar ways.  Because of this, they call it the Echo Plane.  This position has caused a lot of controversy within the Psionic Scholar community because it is perceived as breaking from what they think of as the norm.

But irrelevant of this fact, each side of this debate is wrong.  As stated earlier, these “scholars” don’t perform any kind of rigorous or controlled study.  Their research consists of nothing more than confirmation bias on their part.  They start off with the conclusion and work their way backwards from there instead of the other way around.  As a result, they manufacture and manipulate the evidence as they see fit in order to reach the conclusion that they want to reach.  This is due in part to the fact that they believe that their position is the only right one and and anything to the contrary is nothing more than a conspiracy and their detractors are just trying to bring them down.  And the truth of the matter is simple; despite their claims and assertions, their research isn’t systematic and their methodology is flawed.  And no matter how much they want it to be true or how badly they want to be correct, A + B doesn’t equal Z.  If they truly want to be taken seriously, then they need to approach and conduct their research properly.  And if they truly are correct, then they should be able to play by the rules of evidence based science and still be correct.  Until they do, their claims are nothing more than pseudoscience and not to be considered accurate.



Schwalb, Robert J.  Psionic Power: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement.  Wizards of the Coast, Renton, WA, August 17, 2010


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