Xerek Files: Entry Number Seven – [The Hidden Mind]

19 Aug

As far as we know, Homo sapiens are the only species to exist that has the capability of deep thought and being able to seek a deeper meaning to the world in which we find ourselves.  We suspect that other species are capable of engaging in similar activities as well, but we can’t be entirely sure on this matter and it currently resides in the realm of speculation.  Because of our capability of deep thought and our ability to seek a deeper meaning to our existence, it leads us to believe that life and existence has a deeper meaning to it than it actually possesses as well as possessing an interconnectedness that doesn’t strictly exist.  We also assign value to things where such value isn’t necessarily warranted.  This is because we are a pattern seeking species and we would like our lives to have more meaning then they actually possess.  It is from here that the idea of the Hidden Mind comes from.

The Hidden Mind is what the proponents of this idea see as the interconnectedness of existence.  They see it as the reality that exists just behind the world that we perceive on a regular basis and that all conscious minds are able to tap into given the opportunity.  For the average human being, they can only tap into this hidden realm of existence when they go into sleep.  This realm of existence expands and contracts in accordance with people who enter and exit a state of sleep.  Even when people take naps, according to the proponents, they have an effect upon this hidden realm.  Only when people enter into REM sleep, however, can people actually tap into the Hidden Mind.  It is through this medium, when an individual actually dreams, that allows people to experience the memories and experiences of other people; past, present, and future.  It is through this interconnected dream state that led people to also call the Hidden Mind the Sleeper Mind, the Sleeping Mind, or simply Sleeper.  On occasion, it’s simply known as the Other.  For proponents of this idea, the interconnectedness of the Hidden Mind is what allows people to remember past events which they had no connection to or to experience the memories of historical individuals.

But since the average human being can only enter and exit the Hidden Mind through sleep, they can only have fleeting moments with it.  However, according to the proponents, since those with extraordinary traits and abilities are fundamentally different than the average human being, they are able to actively tap into the Hidden Mind on a conscious or semiconscious level.  But regardless of the exact details, believers claim that only those with extraordinary traits and abilities can tap into the Hidden Mind while in a conscious or otherwise non-sleeping state.  For the proponents of the Hidden Mind, people with extraordinary traits and abilities blur the line between the realms and to actually connect the two.  Because of the connection that is created by these individuals, the “energy” that flows between the realms, either from the Hidden Mind into our realm or vice versa, it has a direct, measurable effect upon the individual in question.  This measurable effect manifests itself in the form of extraordinary traits and abilities.  And depending upon the individual in question, the extraordinary trait or ability that manifests will be dependent upon the individual, causing the extraordinary trait or ability to manifest in its own unique way.  This is why we are able to see such a variety of different extraordinary traits and abilities and in a variety of different combinations.

According to proponents of this claim, those who have the greatest ability to tap into the Hidden Mind are psionics.  This is because, according to the claim, the Hidden Mind is created by the collective consciousness of every person alive and by all of those who came before.  Proponents of the claim state that, when a person dies, a part of that person’s consciousness remains within the realm of the Hidden Mind and has left their unique mark upon it.  They also claim that the Hidden Mind was first created with the birth of consciousness itself.  And since consciousness resides in and comes forth from the brain, and psionic abilities are essentially the powers of the brain, the Hidden Mind has the greatest influence upon psionics.  In addition to this, they have the greatest influence upon the Hidden Mind and are seen as the earthly representation of humanities underlying connectedness and the collective consciousness that exists within us all.  Proponents’ of this claim also state that since the Hidden Mind is essentially the manifestation of humanities consciousness, psionics possess a greater sense of consciousness then that of the average human being.

Because of all the claims that proponents attribute to the Hidden Mind, they also believe that psionics also possess a greater range of abilities then they can actually possess.  Examples of this are with precognition and being able to channel the dead.  However, these claims, as well as all other claims associated with the Hidden Mind, are without fact and can be best described as nothing more than superstition and belong in the realm of legend, folklore, and being the product of an overactive imagination.  This is because if the Hidden Mind actually existed, it would be able to be measured by science through the scientific method.  If something has a direct effect upon the world around us, then it should be able to be directly measured with these measurements being able to be replicated quite readily.  However, the Hidden Mind isn’t able to be reliably measured with any kind of consistency.  And science has reached the point where if the Hidden Mind does actually exist, it would have been detected and known, as well as how such a thing would operate.  But since it hasn’t been verified by the rigors of modern, evidence-based science, it can safely be concluded that the Hidden Mind doesn’t actually exist.  It was something that was created by the mind of pre-scientific people to help explain the world around them as well as the events that they experienced.  It was also used to create a sense of community between members of a particular group and to bring them closer together.  But since a better explanation has been developed to explain the situation which the Hidden Mind was meant to describe, it’s time that the idea of the Hidden Mind be retired for explaining reality and left in the realm of lore and folktales where it rightfully belongs.



Schwalb, Robert J.  Psionic Power: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement.  Wizards of the Coast, Renton, WA, August 17, 2010

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