An Enemy Within — Chapter Fifty One

26 Jan

Chapter 51

The news coverage that follows the capture of Crow is tremendous. It receives national attention and is covered by a host of news outlets which include the Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, along with others. Even the BBC has sent reporters to cover the event, as well as the situation surrounding it.

In Crow’s attempt to establish his own political state, he managed to step on a lot of people’s toes. The criminal activities which he engaged in, or was responsible for orchestrating, stretch all the way from the local to the national level. If the authorities realized the full extent of his activities, it would be possible that international organizations such as Interpol would also get involved. When all the legal and political dust has settled, Crow would most likely be handed over to the United States Army to be tried in front of a military court. This is because he is still considered military property due to his connection with the Army ROTC program, a program that he stayed apart of all the way to graduation.

When he is eventually handed over to the United States Army, the initial charges that he will be tried under are articles 85 and 104, desertion and aiding the enemy respectively, of the uniform code of military justice. And with the information which Shannon will give to authorities, it will most likely lead to more charges being filed against him during his day in court. But all of this will take some time, so Crow will have some time to think and plan. He’ll use this time wisely.

But until the dust is settled and everything is squared away, Crow needs to be stored somewhere. And the place they decide to store him, because of who was responsible for capturing him, is at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Twin Towers Correctional, also known as the Twin Towers Jail, is the world’s largest jail facility and is operated by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. It’s situated in Downtown L.A. and is about a half-mile from the Criminal Courts building. It’s constructed as a panoptical structure, allowing the Sheriffs Department to view as many inmates as they can with as little staff as possible from a single, centralized location.

With the initial idea behind the Panopticon, it was to create a mental prison inside the inmates in addition to the physical one that they find themselves in.  With how the Panopticon is constructed, all of the prison cells are centered around a single observation deck in the middle with each cell backlit so that the person or persons kept in the cell could be seen at all times by the guards.  In contrast, however, the prisoners are prevented from seeing inside the central observation deck, depriving the inmates of essential information.  This was meant to create uncertainty in the inmates because they didn’t know if they were being watched or not, thus encouraging them to be on their best behavior.  This in turn would allow the prison to cut down on cost my minimizing the number of prison guards that were needed to work at the prison.

But in practice, however, this idea is flawed. This is because it gives to much credit to the prisoners. It implies that people are inherently good, but may need a good slap on the wrist once in awhile. But if people are inherently good, then there is no need for a prison system in the first place, which undermines the whole premise of the Panopticon. And in addition to this, there are individuals who just want to cause trouble, regardless if they are being watched or not. There are also those who just don’t care. But regardless of the original premise or intention, it’s still a smart idea to use a centralized observation deck because it makes it easier to respond to situations from a centralized location because of the easy flow of information compared to scattered locations where communication could be difficult.

And in addition to the Panopticon construction of the jail, the Twin Towers is segregated, with each area housing a different group of people. One area is used to house the general population while another is used for housing gang members. There’s even a housing area for the homosexual population. This is meant for their own protection because otherwise, they would be attacked by the other inmates. And despite the fact that jails are meant for temporary housing, roughly a year, and prisons used for longer stints, there are those who have stayed in the Twin Towers for over a year because of the legal process. After being booked and put into the system, Crow is taken to the high-profile wing of the jail.

Not long after his arrival, Crow has managed to get his hands on some change and one of the payphones that are available in the prison without having to wait. This is due in part to the fact that there are New World Power members already inside the jail and because of sympathetic prison gangs. The prison gang that will most likely help out Crow will be the Aryan Brotherhood.

Prison gangs, such as the Aryan Brotherhood, as well as groups who believe in their ethnic or religious group being superior to every other group, are a mixed bag when it comes to mutants. There are groups who think that mutants are a scourge upon the face of the Earth and should be wiped out on site whereas others view them as examples of why their particular group is superior to all others and should be embraced with open arms, though when it occurs in their hated “other,” it is a corruption of their pure line and should be eradicated without prejudice. And there are others who just see mutants as tools to be taken advantage of to further the goals of their organization and discarded when their goals have been achieved. That is what the Aryan Brotherhood tends to see mutants as, tools to further their goals, which tend not to be racial or ideological, but financial.

It’s because of situations like this that some anti-mutant organizations and their advocates take advantage of to bolster their claims that all mutants should be controlled or exterminated. And to further support their claim, these groups will site the Nazis and the Third Reich. Despite the fact that Nazi scientists conducted horrible experiments on mutants, they also chose the crème of the crop as examples of why Aryans are superior to every other group. But of course, these supposed “ubermenschs” did nothing to help the Nazis win the war or further their claims of Aryan superiority. But those who make the argument connecting mutants with Nazis are just making a false connection and are trying to imply guilt by association.

When Crow is at the payphone, he picks up the receiver and inserts the money into the interface. From there, he goes ahead and makes his call. After a few rings, he hears a man’s voice answer, “Hello?”

“Hey Bobby, its Ken.”

“Hey, boss,” Bobby replies. “How’re you holding up?”

The reason why Crow calls Bobby is because Bobby’s number is the only number Crow can remember off hand at the moment and Crow knows that he can trust Bobby to get things rolling once their conversation has ended.

“As well as one can expect given the circumstances,” Crow says. “How’s everything holding up?”

“Well, things have been in a bit of an uproar since hearing the news of your arrest.”

“Then get things back under control. That’s why there’s a command structure in place; to prevent things from falling apart if something goes wrong.”

“Understood. I’ll get right on top of that. Is there anything in particular you want taken care of?”

“Yes. The first thing we’ll need to take care of is our training program because our current one may have been compromised.”

Crow can kick himself for not thinking of this earlier. Their training facility in the Angeles National Forest is under threat of being exposed. With Shannon turning state evidence, it’s very likely that she’ll talk about the training that she received. Though she was blind folded when she was taken there, it’s very likely that the information she gives will result in the authorities conducting a search of places in the Forest that could most likely be used for training activities. They’ll need to switch locations if the New World Power wishes to continue to train its recruits and protect its trainers located at the camp in the Angeles National Forest. The location in the Mojave Desert will have to do double duty for now until they are able to find an adequate replacement. Luckily, Shannon didn’t say much of anything about the training facility when she first talked to the police and the Marshals. They pretty much just talked about the plot against Congressman De Soto. But there’s the possibility that the training camp will come up and put it into immediate danger.

“Yes, sir,” Bobby replies. “We’ll get right on that.”

“Good. And talk to Thomas. He should know how to proceed, and not only in regards to the training camp.”

This implies that T-Bone is essentially in charge of the New World Power for the time being. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to most of the higher-ups within the New World Power because they suspect that T-Bone is Crow’s chosen successor. And Crow feels like T-Bone has the potential of being a great leader and could be capable of leading his organization, but isn’t quite ready to fill those shoes. That’s why Crow’s been essentially preparing T-Bone for the position. And now, with the situation as it is, it would be a good time to test and see if T-Bone will be able to handle this type of responsibility. If he does well, than Crow will be satisfied in his choice and make T-Bone his official successor. And this is about all that Crow would like to talk about while on the phone, just in case the Sheriffs have these payphones bugged.

“What about Shannon?” Bobby asks. “Should we go after her?”

“No. We don’t have the time or resources to do it. Whatever damage she could do is most likely already done. Let her go. If anything, this is just a temporary setback, nothing more.” If they went after Shannon now, Crow would feel like it would be nothing more than a pyrrhic victory.

“Understood. Is there anything else?”

“No. Besides dealing with what we just talked about, stay the course. If anything arises, you know who to talk to.”


With that, Crow hangs up the phone and the conversation comes to an end.


(c) 2011 Bradley P. Thomas

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