An Enemy Within — Chapter Eleven

28 Sep

Chapter 11

Located in Downtown L.A., Parker Center is the headquarters for the Los Angeles Police Department. In one of its conference rooms, about a dozen or so police officers are holding a meeting in order to discuss the New World Power and what steps need to be taken in order to stop them. These officers belong to the Metro Division of the LAPD and represent a special task force that dedicates itself entirely to the New World Power. Also among the officers are two or three members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as well as a few agents from the FBI’s L.A. field office.

Placed at one end of the conference room is a whiteboard, where they have established an organization chart. Also known as an org chart, it attempts to show the power structure of the New World Power. The information which they have gathered so far is incomplete, but with what they’ve been able to obtain so far, they have been able to construct a rough power structure for the organization. Preventing them from obtaining more concrete intelligence is the fact that their informant within the New World Power is a bottom level member not privy to a lot of information that is going about within the organization. However, the information which he is able to provide is a step in the right direction and allows the authorities to move forward with their investigation.

Pictures of the informant’s superiors, accompanied with a few other individuals, have been placed on the board and are interconnected with solid black lines. Pictures of other people within the New World Power have been placed on the board as well, but they are connected with dashing black lines because they are unsure of the connection and their position within the organization. At the top of the org chart is an empty square with the word “leader” printed above it. Finally, there is an assortment of other pictures placed elsewhere on the board.

These pictures are divided into two basic groups. The first group represents individuals who are known to be in the New World Power, but their placement within the organization is yet to be known. The second group represents people who are believed to have a connection with the New World Power, but their relationship with it is yet to be determined. One such picture is of Crow. The photo depicts him in his formal military dress, which was taken when he was still apart of the Army ROTC program at UCLA. This is the best picture they were able to obtain and it acts as a subtle reminder that he has formal military training. Located to the right of this picture is the mug shot of T-Bone, which was taken back in 1997. They are connected by a dotted black line because it is believed that there is a connection between the two individuals, but the nature of their relationship is yet to be determined.

Placed in charge of this task force is Captain Morgan Pike. When he enters the room, he doesn’t waste any time and he gets the meeting started. “Ok, gentlemen. Tell me that you got some new information for me.”

First to reply is one of the agents from the FBI. “We were able to arrest some New World Power members a few days ago and at least one of them is talking. The information that he has given us so far has proven to be valuable for it gives us more details on the organizations power structure.” The agent shares the information that they obtained and it helps fill out the org chart a bit. “He’s also told us that the New World Power has expanded into neighboring states.”

“What states does he say the New World Power has expanded into?”

“Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. He also suspects that the New World Power has expanded into Oregon and Utah, but he isn’t sure about those. So far, we’ve only be able to independently substantiate the New World Power in Las Vegas.”

The New World Power’s influence actually expands beyond those states which the agent has just listed. But so far, the New World Power has managed to keep this information from spreading. However, the fact that the FBI has been able to obtain information that the New World Power is expanding its reach demonstrates that this can’t last forever. But if they play their hand right, they will be able to keep this information secret into the near future. And if they don’t overplay their hand, the full extent of their influence won’t be fully known until it is too late.

“Let us know as soon as you obtain any more information,” Pike replies. “What else do we have?”

“Some arrests have been made yesterday of people who claim to be a part of the New World Power,” one of the officers from the LAPD says.

“What were they described as and what were they arrested for?”

“They appeared to be gang members and they were arrested for attempted armed robbery.”

“Armed robbery doesn’t fit the New World Power’s M.O. Seems like they are just pretenders claiming to be apart of the New World Power. Next.” The New World Power actually does use street gangs on occasion, but when they do, the street gangs are treated as nothing more than pawns.

“Three days ago, we managed to arrest some people who where trying to rob a gun store as well as a computer hacker who managed to get into a government database,” another officer says.

“How much damage was the hacker able to do?” Pike asks.

“We can’t tell at the moment, sir. He’s not talking yet, but it appears that he was looking for some very specific information. We are led to believe that the information he was looking for might have some connection to the New World Power.”

“See what you can get out of him and get back to me. Next.”

“We’ve received information from our informant that the New World Power is planning on holding another rally soon,” a third officer says.

“Did he give us a date and a location?”

“Not yet, sir.”

Captain Pike is not pleased to hear this. He wants solid information so that he is able to act upon it and actually achieve something. The last time the informant gave information about a rally, it had to do with the rally that occurred in the abandoned mill in Boyle Heights. The informant didn’t provide accurate information of the rally to the police, and by the time that the police actually made it to the right location, it was too late, preventing them from taking action and accomplishing anything. It just proved to be a total waste of time. “That is utterly unacceptable. The next time you see him, tell that little snot to get off his fucking ass and provide us with something useful. Vague information won’t help us achieve anything. Have him provide us with a solid location and an actual timeframe, otherwise, tell him that our deal with him is off.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Once we’ve obtained this information, I want full surveillance conducted on this rally. I want to know who was there, what was said, and what their next steps will be, understood?”

“Are we going to send undercover agents into the rally to help achieve this information?”

“I don’t see how we are going to achieve that. We don’t have an undercover agent within the organization at the moment, and I doubt that the New World Power will be allowing people to simply walk in from off the street. But it’s worth trying just in case we manage to get someone inside.”

“Do you have any ideas on how we will be getting information from inside the rally?”

“Yeah. We’re going to have to use our informant. We’ll have him wear a wire. Risky, but that’ll be our best course of action. Our surveillance crews will keep an eye on him, but once he’s inside, he’ll basically be on his own. What’s next?”


(c) 2011 Bradley P. Thomas

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