Author’s Note

10 Aug

Its’ been awhile since I posted anything here on WordPress.  This is because I was attacked on March 30th of this year by a punk ass little bitch.  As a result, it put a major kink in my desire to write, which I haven’t completely gotten over yet.  I tried to start writing again not too long ago, but it didn’t stick, though I hope this will change.  In addition to hindering my desire to write, the attack caused me to lose a lot of intellectual property.  This is because my flashdrive that I had on a lanyard around my neck broke off and I couldn’t find it after the attack.  And on top of that, I didn’t backup the information that I had on it, and I did a lot of work, not only to my second novel, but to supplemental information for some of my other stories.  The supplemental information consisted of world building for my first manuscript about the New World Power as well as world building for another manuscript that I’ve been kicking around in my head but haven’t really sat down to write yet.  What I did write down was also lost that night.  With the supplemental information for my first manuscript, I’ve already started posting the material on WordPress before the attack, as seen with the Xerek Files 1 through 3.  I had other information ready to go, but I wanted to wait about a week or two before posting, causing it to be lost.  But what got me to write this note, and hopefully encourage me to write some more, is a dumb fuck who almost ran me over with his car while I was walking home today from work.  That post should be coming shortly and classified under the “Essays of Misanthropy” category.  In addition to this, I’ll be posting my first manuscript on here as well.  I haven’t been having any luck getting an agent so far, and I don’t want to sit on my story any longer.  Its set a few years ago and the more time that goes by, the more I think it could hurt my story.  And besides, it might also snag the eye of someone in the business and allow me to actually make some fucking money off of it.

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