Samael – Epilogue and Note

20 Dec


The war in which Samael led forever changed the face of Heaven.  Though they where outnumbered, Samael and his army had the determination needed to take on a much larger force as well as a drive that the defenders of Heaven lacked.  If the two armies were evenly split from each of the angelic orders, then the war would have been a fair fight.  But since the vast majority of the Powers were fighting on the side of Samael, the Rebels had a distinct advantage when they entered the battlefield.  And because of this discrepancy, the borders of Heaven became poorly defended.  This fact opened up the possibility of a two front war for Heaven because there were an insufficient number of defenders to ward off the encroachment of the large number of demonic hordes.

Though the information of the war was kept from the hordes for an extended period of time, it was inevitable that the demons would receive word of it and attack.  Once the hordes started their attack, the poorly maintained defenses fell quickly and havoc spread across the realm.  This was what Samael was hoping for because it would give him a better chance of obtaining victory over his enemy.

Like any civil war, Heaven became torn apart, covering the realm with blood.  Heroes and champions immerged on both sides of the conflict as the war progressed, giving a boost to morale of their respective sides and gave that army a rallying point to fall behind.

With Samael heading the army of the Rebellion, Heaven chose the archangel Michael to be its commander and lead the army of Defenders.  Upon hearing this fact, it only added fuel to Samael’s rage and determination.  His desire for vengeance only became stronger and led him to fight that much more vigorously.

But as the course of events played themselves out, it wasn’t until the end of the war that Samael and Michael confronted each other on the battlefield for the first, and only, time.  But once they met, the battle was fierce.  It lasted for almost fourteen days of continuous fighting.  As the battle progressed, neither angel faltered; both of them ignoring their injuries and focusing only upon his opponent.

As this personal conflict raged, Gabriel watched from a distance.  He took it upon himself to see that no other being got involved in the personal rivalry that was unfolding, regardless if they were Rebel or Defender.  To insure this fact, Gabriel blew his mighty horn as he circled the two bitter enemies.  Samael and Michael never even noticed.

When the battle was finally over, it was Michael who managed to gain the upper hand and came out victorious.  It remains unclear exactly how Michael managed to defeat Samael in the end, and the answer will always remain elusive.  But what is clear, however, is that by defeating Samael, Michael delivered the fatal blow to the Rebellion and ended the war.

Michael, in his silver armor and wielding his great sword, crippled Samael and caused him to fall into the Banished Realm.  As his punishment, Samael was shunned from the presence of God and banished from the realm of Heaven.  Even though the War itself continued for almost a year after Samael’s defeat, it essentially ended that day where Michael managed to defeat his rival.

When the war did eventually end, all of those who sided with Samael were cast out to join their leader within the Banished Realm, though some of them where imprisoned within Raquia.  When Heaven finished casting out the Rebels, along with the hordes of demonic beasts, it turned to those who claimed neutrality and proceeded to cast them into the Banished Realm as well.  The purging was relentless and only a few were spared this punishment.

The reasoning for this purge was that those who didn’t take sides lacked the faith, commitment, or dedication needed to preserve their home from future threats it faced.  When the Great Cleansing was done, one third of Heaven’s might was banished from the realm.  None of them will be allowed to return to Heaven for countless millennia.

Due to the actions in which the Seraphim and the other upper tier orders took against Heaven, their station has been suspended for an indefinite amount of time.  Even though the members of these orders who remained loyal to Heaven where stripped of their titles, they remained prominent figures within Heaven.  But the order that suffered the most due to this rebellion was the Powers.  Their numbers were severely depleted, preventing those who remained from performing their tasks and obligations effectively ever again.

And the most beautiful angel, the first among all of the celestial beings, who once resided within the presence of God, now resides in a world that is not his own.  Samael has now become the god and ruler of the Banished Realm along with all of its inhabitants, though it is a distinction in which he never desired.  Though the war has ended, Heaven has become a darker place, never able to return to its former glory or might.  Ominous clouds now exist in the furthest reaches of the realm, never to disappear.  They act as a constant reminder of how things used to be and of the potential danger that could come at any moment.  These clouds also act as a symbolic reminder of the threat in which Samael is still able to pose.  They act as the shadow of the angel who took action because his heart was broken.

The Note

Samael –

As you may be aware, the demons and other creatures of the Banished Lands are becoming restless and uneasy.  They are demonstrating behavior that we find disturbing.  With this in mind, we hereby notify you of our formal request.

Our request is simple; that you take the role of Viceroy of Banished Lands.  If you accept this station, you will hold this position until the End of Times.  Until then, you will have to remain in exile.  Upon completion of this task, you will be once again accepted into the presence of God.

Out of all those that exist in Heaven, we have determined that only you are strong enough to take on such a title and govern such a realm.  We have also determined that you are the only one in Heaven who is able to withstand and survive the ravages of such a hellish station.

This is why we have submitted our request for your consideration.  This request is purely voluntary and we will not question your decision if you decide not to uptake our offer.  Please notify us at your earliest convenience.

– The Governing Counsel of Angelic Affairs

Dear Counsel Members –

After great deliberation, and with a heavy heart, I have decided to accept the position which you have described in your previous letter.  All that I ask before taking this new station is for you to allow me to put my affairs in order.

– Samael


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas

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