Samael – Chapter Thirteen

17 Dec

Chapter 13

Within the Valley of Valhalla stands a building known as the Hall of Valor.  It stands five stories tall with a base that is twice its height.  The Hall of Valor was constructed to honor those who died with glory when in combat.  This seems like a fitting and appropriate location to Samael for a staging area to assemble his troops.  The angelic orders that are standing closes to the Hall are the Powers and the Seraphim.  Over eighty percent of the Powers have sided with their commander, giving him their unwavering support.

Looking over the assembled army, you could see angels from every angelic order except for one; the Thrones.  It is the responsibility of the Thrones to ponder the significance of God’s laws as well as to pass judgement upon the guilty.  In order for them to do their tasks accurately and without bias, it is their nature to remain neutral.  It is for this reason why the Thrones never officially side with God or with Samael.  And it is because of their duties, and their need to remain objective, that allows them to go unpunished when the war comes to an end.

In preparation for combat, Samael dawns a breastplate that consists of pure gold.  This is the first time in which Samael has worn armor that he hasn’t mentally created for himself.  Due to the nature of the breastplate, it extrapolates Samael’s natural light.  This causes him to appear like a miniature sun, causing all those who look upon him to flinch and to partially cover their eyes.

With Samael’s forces gathered and ready for combat, it is time for him to address is followers.  Even though his army totals only about one-forth of the total population of Heaven, it is an impressive army to look upon with a good number of fighters filling the ranks.  In addition to a strong fighting force, the Rebels possess the good fortune of not having to fight the remaining inhabitance of Heaven.  Besides the Thrones, a significant number of inhabitance are claiming neutrality, preferring not to fight.  But much to their amazement, the majority of these noncombatants will be punished, regardless of who claims victory in the end.

Due to the Valley’s narrow nature, it forces all of those who have assembled to flow down the Valley in both directions, preventing them from congregating around the Hall of Valor.  From Samael’s perspective, the assembled army stretches down the Valley for a league in both directions.

The two mountain ranges that flank the Valley are opposite in nature, symbolizing what is going to occur when the war is over.  One mountain range is majestic with gently sloping sides and snow caped peaks.  The other mountain range, however, has craggy slopes and peaks that are steep and menacing, similar to that of a dragon’s back.  The Valley itself consists of rolling hills and volcanic outcroppings consisting of obsidian.  The rolling hills are covered with flowing acres of grass that shimmer in the wind whereas the outcroppings look like hungry teeth.

To address his army, Samael takes to the air.  He ascends high above the Hall in order for the majority of those in attendance to be able to see him.  Manipulating the topography, Samael manages to have his voice carry further than it would naturally go.  But despite his efforts, not all of those who are in attendance are able to see or hear him.  To assist Samael in his efforts, a number of other angels also take to the air at regular intervals so that Samael’s message can be heard by all of those in attendance.

When everything is ready and everyone in place, Samael begins to speak.  “Listen to me my brethren and listen well.  The time has come for us to take up arms and fight.  This fight, however, is not against any physical enemy or ideal.  It is against a system; a system in which we all have experienced and know so well.  But this system does not exist on Earth; nor does it exist in Forbidden Lands, the Banished Realm, or any realm of existence except for one.  And I am referring to our very home.  This system exists in Heaven and we are suffering because of it!

“We are living underneath a tyrannical fist, a fist that belongs to none other than our Lord; that of God almighty!”

The assembled army gives a vocalized response at this and Samael gives a pause for them to do so before continuing.  “As all of you are aware, I was in a relationship that has recently gone sour.  It turns out that the woman that I loved was engaging in a relationship with another.  When I went to seek justice, however, my request was denied!  God denied me what was rightfully mine.

“As the series of events were taking their course, I was confronted by my former love.  She claimed that she was seeking closure, but I would have none of it.  I was not ready for what she had to offer, but yet, she persisted.  She denied me peace, despite my request for it.  It was too much for me to take, so I took action; action that was fully within my rights to take.  But as I did, God deemed it necessary to take action against me.  I was unduly punished.

“And from what I can see, all of you agree with my assessment or have been wronged as well by the Hand of God and seek justice.  This tyrannical rule must end now!  It has subjugated us and actively does us harm.  For far too long, we have been punished and humiliated; actions that we do not disserve.  The time has arrived for us to show all of Existence that such treatment will no longer be endured.  It is time that we lay claim to what is rightfully ours.

“Remember this day my brethren, and remember it well, for this is the day that we took a stand and forever changed Existence!”

At this, Samael raises his sword into the air and all of those in attendance give a resounding cheer.

“It is time that we give them Hell!” Samael proclaims.

At this, Samael heads off to fight.  At his lead, all of those in attendance follow.  Those with wings take to the air and fall in behind Samael and his chief lieutenants.  The ground forces that are present take formation and head into combat under their respective banners and companies.  It is here that the Great War of Heaven begins.


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  1. Cynthia Kreitzer

    August 23, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    Hey! I was interested to know if setting up a blog such your own: is challenging to do for inexperienced people? I have been hoping to develop my own blog for a while now but have been turned off because I’ve always believed it required tons of work. What do you think? Thankyou

    • bradleypthomas

      August 24, 2011 at 5:57 pm

      I would say that setting up a blog for an inexperienced person shouldn’t be challenging. With my experience, first through myspace and now with wordpress, it’s pretty straight forward. All you need to do is generate original content that you find interesting and/or think is worth sharing and write about it. You can generate the content through another program at first if you like before posting it, such as Microsoft Word. From there, all you need to do is copy and paste the content to your wordpress account and then post. From there, you can just futz around and figure out what else you can do. The main thing you need to do is generate original content. For me, that’s the most important thing and that can be the challenging part. But if you know what you want to do and are really interested in posting, then I think you should be fine. Good luck.


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