Samael – Chapter Twelve

12 Dec

Chapter 12

Word spreads throughout Heaven about what has occurred in Samael’s apartment.  It has even spread into the realm of Forbidden Lands and has begun to penetrate the outer boundaries of the Banished Realm.  The only place where the incident will never gain entry is that of the Forgotten Domain, where the souls of the dead congregate who haven’t warranted the damnation of the Banished Realm but aren’t pure enough to enter Heaven.  The souls just meander about aimlessly without any purpose or memory.

The fallout of what occurred has caused a great upheaval in Heaven, causing its inhabitance to become divided.  As the days turn into weeks, the threat of war begins to mount and dark clouds begin to gather upon the horizons.  As the head of this storm is Samael.  Due to the events that have occurred against him, Samael has forsaken his responsibilities and shunned the oaths that he swore to uphold; the foremost among them being “To protect Heaven and its inhabitance from danger and threat” and to “Serve the Will of God.”

But God has betrayed him.

Samael was the one who was wronged, but he was the one who was punished in the end.  It was unfair and it was unjust, and a good number of angels agree.  Most of these angels belong to the order of Powers, followed closely by the Seraphim order.  But regardless of their order, and regardless if they are an angel or not, they all agree that appropriate action needs to be taken and that action needs to be taken now.

There is no time for hesitation and there is no room for error.  When people find themselves within a system that is, or has become, corrupt, then the time has come for them to rid themselves of that system and the chains that bind them.  It may even be necessary to destroy the previous system to prevent anyone else from getting hurt because of it.  For Samael and his supporters, this has become reality and they need to take action now.

Like any animal that has been trapped in a corner, Samael has been provoked and is forced to attack.  This course of action is beyond his control, regardless of how much pain such action will cause him.  He has been betrayed on multiple fronts without any possible way to escape.  He was first betrayed by the woman he held dear.  The second betrayal came when Gabriel betrayed him by helping Sara deceive him.  The third and fourth betrayals came when God, the creator of the universe and the barer of truth, failed to honor his side of the bargain by not allowing justice to be served and to allow the participants of an unholy union to go unpunished for their crime.

Samael was a good soldier.  He followed his orders through to the end without failure and without question.  Supported by his faith and in the belief that what he was doing was right, Samael did not hesitate in his actions.  Though he had his doubts, as any being with free will would have, he still followed through on his responsibilities and did not question the wisdom of his Superior.

But the person who Samael once was is now gone.  He was crushed into powder and his faith was destroyed.  Anger and bitterness have now become the dominant characteristics of this personality, replacing his faith and devotion.  But Samael’s dedication and lack of hesitation still remain strong.  Like any well trained soldier who is committed to his job, these traits will never go away.  But now, these traits flow in a different direction; a direction that may never be corrected, no matter how much time has passed.


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas

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