Samael – Chapter Ten

04 Dec

Chapter 10

Samael leaves the room in a rage.  First, he is given an assignment that would take him away from the world that he knows and the woman that he loves.  This is followed by the fact that the love of his life is engaged in a relationship with another man, playing him for a fool.  Adding to the deception, they send him into Forbidden Lands to chase ghosts.  All of this is topped off by the fact that when he goes looking for justice, it is denied.  He has lost face.  Sara has been cheating on him with Michael for an unknown length of time and God refuses to act once hearing the news of this fact.  He has been embarrassed and he has been degraded.

From this anger, Samael strikes one of the columns located outside of the room as he passes by.  This strike leaves a large depression within the column.  It is several inches deep and a number of cracks and fissures form because of it.  Due to the force delivered from Samael’s strike, these cracks spread from the column itself into the surrounding masonry.

Those who were in the immediate vicinity when Samael struck the column when over to investigate.  Once they see the damage and realize that it is spreading, they realize that something needs to be done.  Some of them run off to get some help while those who remain try and figure out how to stop the damage from spreading.  Samael is unconcerned with the damage that he caused to the column as he heads off to his apartment.  But as he heads down the corridor, he holds and massages his hand as he goes.


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas

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