Samael – Opening Quote and Preface

10 Oct

How you have fallen from heaven,

O morning star, son of the dawn!

You have been cast down to the earth,

you who once laid low the nations!

– Isaiah 14:12


The angel commonly known as Lucifer was not always known by that name.  There was once a time, during antiquity, when he was known as Samael.  When he had the honor of baring that name, he was still in Heaven’s grace. He was still one of God’s servants and had the distinction of being the greatest of God’s Heavenly creatures.  He was God’s favorite angel and he was the only being that was able to stand and bare the power and glory that is God whenever he was in the presence of the Lord.

It was Samael’s responsibility to handle all of God’s Earthy deeds and to execute all of the Lord’s laws and edicts once they have been decreed.  He also held the responsibility of ensuring that all of the other angels and Heavenly beings performed their respective tasks as well.  Samael was not alone in performing this task, but he was the chief authority in these matters.

But this was not to last.  Due to the actions which Samael took, he would be banished; not just banished from the Gates of Glory, but banished from the presence of God.  But the reason for his banishment is not what you’ve been led to believe.

The common misconception surrounding his banishment is that his actions were motivated by pride.  We were told that Samael believed himself to be the equal of, or superior to, God and that all of the other angels must be subjugated to him.  But this is not true.  It is highly unlikely that pride had anything to due with the actions he took.

Instead, it was due to anger, accompanied by a sense of betrayal and abandonment that led Samael to raise his fist against God and to strike his creator.  The catalyst for his anger arose not because of God or from the actions in which the Lord took but because of the actions of someone Samael held dear.

What is documented here chronicles the final days of Samael before he was banished from Heaven and what caused the birth of the Morning Star.


(c) 2009 Bradley P. Thomas

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